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(of insects and certain other animals) able to wound the skin with a sting or fangs.
  1. 'Yeah, it only felt like a bunch of biting bugs on my face!'
  2. 'At stake are the lucrative European and Asian markets for machines capable of ridding the environment of biting insects.'
  3. 'Mosquitoes, biting flies, and ticks are some of the well-known blood parasites that use CO2 as a directional cue.'
  4. 'We couldn't always fish - sometimes there were swarms of mosquitos or biting flies, and the pond was riddled with cottonmouths.'
  5. 'Deet protects troops on the ground from mosquitoes, deer ticks, biting flies, chiggers, fleas and other insects.'
  6. 'The biting flies, from the saltmarsh that abuts the Seaview Marriott course, often make life miserable for players and spectators alike.'
  7. 'The grazing isn't as good, but they are able to find some respite from the biting insects.'
  8. 'During the hot weather it's a pestilential place, populated by heavy clouds of biting insects.'
  9. 'We are warned about the dreaded black biting flies, but having spent many a camping holiday in Skye and Ardnamurchan, where midges rule supreme, I reckon I can cope.'
  10. 'Nothing will bring a romantic dreamer down to reality faster than the bug, and every biting insect seems to visit us in turn.'
(of wind or cold) so cold as to be painful.
  1. 'Forcing it down, she hurried up the road and met the cold, biting wind head on.'
  2. 'So focused was he that he did not even notice the biting wind of the cold winter night.'
  3. 'It can feel relatively warm, even in sub-zero temperatures, if the sky is clear and the sun is shining, while a higher temperature can feel relatively cool if accompanied by a biting cold wind.'
  4. 'I endured winter blizzards, biting gale force winds, pouring rain, fog, hailstones, and the energy-sapping humidity of midsummer.'
  5. 'A cold, biting wind blew and the rose dropped soundless on the grave.'
  6. 'And with that his ever so silent manner seemed to return and he was headed off to the biting cold and howling winds.'
  7. 'We've had hail and snow, with two hours of sun in between, and a biting cold wind that almost blew me away when I came out of B&Q, where I'd gone to buy shelves.'
  8. 'With the very cold biting wind on their backs and also the advantage of having the pitch incline in their favour, Carlow put on early pressure on the Wexford back line.'
  9. 'The biting wind was cold; it rustled through her clothes and froze her teeth.'
  10. 'Through rain, through wind, through biting cold, he ran as if his life depended on it, and it may very well have.'
  11. 'his biting satire on corruption and power'
  12. 'Where was the biting wit and the constant chirping?'
  13. 'The sequences from The Mikado in particular impress one with their wit, their biting satire and their musicality.'
  14. 'There are nice physical comedy moments as well as the biting wit of the verbal humor, but so much of it gets spoiled by the savage racism of the characters.'
  15. 'I have been struck by the lack of enthusiasm about this election in the British blogosphere, whose biting wit seems to have turned into dreary cynicism.'
  16. 'These biting criticisms and self-aware jokes are through the roof, but it's all built on top of great, great pain.'
  17. 'What we should do is reach out to those who are now totally turned off by spoof films and offer some biting criticism of the spoof genre.'
  18. 'She was a first-rate raconteur who delivered stories with dry, sometimes biting wit.'
  19. 'Dorothy Parker wrote for the New Yorker and Vanity Fair magazines with a caustic pen, but her biting wit also had a mournful edge.'
  20. 'Simmons, 50, captures the greed of the eighties with biting wit.'
  21. 'You have a biting wit and intense powers of observation.'

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1. nipping; smarting; keen: biting cold; a biting sensation on the tongue.

2. cutting; sarcastic: a biting remark.

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"winds can be biting."

"colds can be biting."

"people can be biting."

"tones can be biting."

"insects can be biting."

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