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Use the teeth to cut into (something)
  1. no object 'Rosa bit into a cream cake'
  2. 'You can see from another photo the tail missing from one of the seatrout, due to it being bitten off by a seal or a small whale.'
  3. 'A British woman whose arm was bitten off by a lion when she reached through the bars of an enclosure at an animal sanctuary in Spain was last night recovering from emergency surgery.'
  4. 'If sharks bite to figure out the nature of various objects, then why do they usually spit out people rather than adding them to the menu?'
  5. 'Paul and his father had been very close for years until that day at the beach when a shark had bitten off Paul's leg.'
  6. 'Raine glanced up, biting another piece of his French toast.'
  7. 'He also specifies the height at which the seven photographs of a baby biting its toes in his Croque Mort single installation must be hung.'
  8. 'I'm sitting here in social studies biting my pencil like a hamster.'
  9. 'As she lay unconscious, part of her nose, her mouth and chin were bitten off by her Labrador-cross dog, Tania.'
  10. 'Tope are mainly fish eaters, hunting small whiting, cod, mackerel and flatfish which they chase down and disable by biting chunks out of the fish.'
  11. 'He seemed to eat the liquid as though it were meat, biting it and chewing, then swallowing.'
  12. 'A local hunter put the dog down but it was thought to have bitten at least 12 children and adults.'
  13. 'Then the bear bit his leg, sinking a tooth all the way to the femur bone.'
  14. 'She had a history of contact with both dogs and cats; however, she did not recall being bitten or scratched.'
  15. 'My first horse was a little pinto pony named King, and he did from everything from chase us around and bite us to carry us down the road on his back in carts.'
  16. 'It is very important to check you are up to date with your tetanus jabs if your skin is broken in an injury or you are bitten.'
  17. 'People like him have never been rammed by a stolen vehicle, never been bitten and scratched by an injecting heroin addict, never had to confront a man armed with a gun or knife.'
  18. 'She told me that, without any warning, the cat had jumped on her, scratched her, and bitten her in the right arm.'
  19. 'He learns that there are times when it is right to bite a man.'
  20. 'William sustained serious head and body injuries and Chang was bitten on his arms.'
  21. 'In a string of three separate incidents in July, four Scouts and two adult campers were scratched and bitten at New Mexico's Philmont Scout Ranch by black bears starving due to drought.'
  22. 'while on holiday she was bitten by an adder'
  23. 'We gave no thought to snakes although any one of us could have been bitten at least a dozen times as we sauntered through the bramble.'
  24. 'All over the world, people come in with wounds and think they've been bitten by a spider.'
  25. 'The Krait bite is much less obvious and it is very difficult for people to know that they have been bitten at all.'
  26. 'My friends at the BBC report that a man was taken to hospital after being bitten by a spider going about its business in the banana section at Sainsbury's.'
  27. 'The sun is more dangerous too so inevitably some people got sunburned or got sunstroke; others were bitten by strange insects - there were lots of bugs!'
  28. 'He had been bitten by a spider in Brazil, which probably lowered his immunity, and further tests showed that he was HIV positive.'
  29. 'If I emerge from the next week or so without being bitten by any spiders lurking in my mess, I'll start posting more frequently again.'
  30. 'She tried to weed the garden but got bitten by a spider.'
  31. 'The most important role played by the snake charmers is in treating people who have been bitten by snakes.'
  32. 'He was a great student, especially after he had his leg amputated from being bitten by a snake in Africa on holiday.'
  33. 'Square paintings divided into apparently geometric blocks, the stripped areas retaining the ghostly residue of the oils where they have bitten into the canvas.'
  34. 'The acid bites around the particles, creating tooth, or a collection of little marks in the plate that hold ink.'
  35. 'Interestingly, fish were biting and many were caught in river and sea.'
  36. 'Bowing towards the water, I indicated that the horses might like to drink and that the fish were not biting anyway.'
  37. 'So now here I am, with no fish biting, a rain storm on its way, and my foot hurts.'
  38. 'Now is the time to launch the real bait over the side of the boat and see how the fish are biting.'
  39. 'But if I had to, I would go fishing even if the fish weren't biting.'
  40. 'Although the first thought is generally to catch the bass biting at the very onset of spring or the blues running in autumn.'
  41. 'We were fishing, and all of the fish were biting on one side of the boat.'
  42. 'It was late in the afternoon and the water in the pool was warm and the fish were biting well.'
  43. 'Organiser Ray Collins is hoping the amazing run of fine weather doesn't come to an end - even if a spot of rain would get the fish biting.'
  44. 'Being evening, the fish were biting beautifully, and he caught three decent-sized trout in only about half of an hour.'
  45. 'a hundred or so retailers should bite'
  46. 'A dangling carrot for public consumption… assuming we get the opportunity to bite before it's snatched away.'
  47. 'I keep getting subscription invitations from Walrus magazine, and got one from Geist too, but I haven't bitten yet.'
  48. 'Then low ball every doctor in the area until some physician or physician group bites.'
  49. 'Given this setup - and it's typical in energy partnerships - why would any investor bite?'
  50. 'If retailers bite, licensing could feasibly extend anywhere that makes sense for the brand's lifestyle positioning.'
  51. 'what's biting you today?'
  52. 'What's biting you today?'
(of a tool, tyre, boot, etc.) grip or take hold on a surface.
  1. 'First he got the saw to bite into it one way and then another so he could make a sort of divot.'
  2. 'Studded tyres, usually needed to bite through the ice and snow, were never used.'
  3. 'With a gasp, Guiromélans lands on the blades, feeling their edges bite into the soles of his boots.'
  4. 'We practise sliding downhill with skis at 90 degrees to the fall line, edges biting deep.'
  5. 'The chewed-up area of the frame at this point will not provide a good surface for the new strike plate screws to bite into.'
  6. 'The technique to going quick in one of these jiggers is to leave the braking as late as possible, and enter the corner under brakes, so that the front tyres are biting.'
  7. 'the handcuffs bit into his wrists'
  8. 'The metal stirrup bit into the arch of my foot, but I pressed against it even harder.'
  9. 'He pressed it forward slightly and Adam winced as it bit into the tender flesh on his throat.'
  10. 'It exploded in a mass of fiery shards that bit into him, but he was unstoppable.'
  11. 'I grabbed her hand to pull her up, wincing as her numerous rings bit into my fingers.'
  12. 'Metal collars bit into the mass' neck, crusted blood flaking to the scales below.'
  13. 'Wincing as the tiny thorns bit into his arms, he cursed his eternal lack of foresight and short sleeves.'
  14. 'Cheryl's betrayal had bitten deep'
  15. 'Then the dreams became too troublesome, the regrets began to bite too deep, too bitterly.'
  16. 'Tim Lambert, normally writing on science, brings a sad photograph and a homely family touch which bites almost deeper than the horror.'
  17. 'For example, earlier in 2000, unexpected quantities of Pentium IIs made their appearance when other shortages were biting.'
  18. 'Lately, however, Charlotte had noticed that her absences from school were biting deeper into her grades than she had previously thought.'
  19. 'Reality has bitten with a vengeance for Australia's dominant telecommunications company.'
  20. 'There has been a gradual reduction in the size of the fishing industry in the UK as EU fishing policies have bitten hard over the last decade.'
  21. 'For other local institutions, including the Women's Museum, budget cuts will doubtlessly bite deeper.'
  22. 'There may be situations, your Honour, where that section may bite to ensnare a situation which at first glance one would think would not be covered.'
  23. 'As the full effects of government policy begin to bite, however, there are signs that the political backlash feared in ruling circles is developing.'
  24. 'The education funding crisis is set to bite again in September as a survey reveals one in five schools have spent their cash reserves.'
  25. 'The pressures were starting to bite even before the long term effects of foot and mouth spread into the sector.'
  26. 'The 19th cent. saw the British merchant navy at its strongest before international competition had bitten deep.'
  27. 'it bites that your mom won't let you go'
  28. 'If it's not fun then it just bites...right?'
  29. 'It bites that hockey-loving kids are denied their seasonal TV fix.'

More definitions

1. to cut, wound, or tear with the teeth: She bit the apple greedily. The lion bit his trainer.

2. to grip or hold with the teeth: Stop biting your lip!

3. to sting, as does an insect.

4. to cause to smart or sting: an icy wind that bit our faces.

5. to sever with the teeth (often followed by off): Don't bite your nails. The child bit off a large piece of the candy bar.

6. to start to eat (often followed by into): She bit int

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"people can be bite."

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"bracelets can be bite."

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