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A small, inexpensive restaurant.
  1. 'Together they roam Paris, from cafe to cafe, neighborhood to neighborhood, restaurants, bars, bistros, the nightlife and underbelly of Montmartre.'
  2. 'It's got a lot of new bistros and ethnic restaurants - which used to be lacking - and the town itself is looking better than it ever did.'
  3. 'After walking several blocks and passing well over a dozen pavement cafes and bistros, we found a place with the dry sausage he desired on their menu.'
  4. 'Adjacent to the main pool area will be one of the largest seafood restaurants and bistros on Chaweng Beach, with the opening of a 250 seat, 1,200 sq m Talay Boat Restaurant.'
  5. 'The ground floor, first floor and part of the second floor would contain bars, restaurants, bistros, lounges and a dancing area.'
  6. 'Over the past two decades, windsurfing has made Hood River the fabled adventure hot spot that it is, and the jocks have brought a taste for bistros and brasseries.'
  7. 'Results were consistent whether the venue was an upscale bistro or a university cafeteria.'
  8. 'On average, so the guide says, a new restaurant, cafe or bistro is opening in one of the cities each week.'
  9. 'Collector's Cafe, a Myrtle Beach gallery and restaurant modeled after the art bistros of 17 th-century Europe, is an oasis of sophistication in a vast playground of lowbrow beach fun.'
  10. 'Just ahead, we'll find out about efforts to get the cafes and the bistros back in business.'

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1. a small, modest, European-style restaurant or café.

2. a small nightclub or restaurant.

More examples(as adjective)

"stations can be bistros."

"rouges can be bistros."

"doors can be bistros."


(bistro)1920s: French; perhaps related to bistouille, a northern colloquial term meaning ‘bad alcohol’, perhaps from Russian bystro ‘rapidly’.