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Divide into two parts.
  1. 'North we walked, three abreast, a mile and a half along a dusty track that penetrates and bisects the moor.'
  2. 'A newly built road bisects the site, dramatically improving access to the M8 and M74.'
  3. 'The woolly-minded sheep - not known for their intellectual prowess took a while to get the hang of the orange wire now bisecting the fell but its presence is paying off.'
  4. 'The city is situated at the southwestern end of Lac Leman, generally called Lake Geneva, which is also the country's largest lake, and astride the Rhone River, which bisects the city.'
  5. 'CN's mainline railway track bisects the Reserve, passing at some points within ten metres of houses.'
  6. '‘The loneliest highway in America,’ US50, bisects tens of millions of acres taken from native Americans years ago.'
  7. 'He hits a peach of a winning point which bisects the posts.'
  8. 'Troops were then landed on April 25, the aim being to bisect the peninsula and sever the head of the Turkish resistance.'
  9. 'The traffic-free Corso Umberto I bisects the town and runs from the massive gates of Porta Messina to the equally impressive Porta Catania.'
  10. 'Currently Glasgow is a disunified city bisected by a river that most people are embarrassed by.'
  11. 'The common perpendicular bisectors of parallel sides (the axes of symmetry of the trapezoids) bisect the angles of the triangle formed by the extensions of the three equal diagonals.'
  12. 'Using these simple tools they could construct equilateral triangles and hexagons and they could bisect any angle.'
  13. 'This happens because any line that bisects an angle will also bisect the opposite side, and will be perpendicular to that side.'

More definitions

1. to cut or divide into two equal or nearly equal parts.

2. Geometry. to cut or divide into two equal parts: to bisect an angle.

3. to intersect or cross: the spot where the railroad tracks bisect the highway. verb (used without object)

4. to split into two, as a road; fork: There's a charming old inn just before the road bisects. noun

5. Also called split. Philately. a portion of a stamp, usually half, used for payment of a proportionate amount of the face v

More examples(as adjective)

"paths can be bisecting."


(bisect)Mid 17th century: from bi- ‘two’ + Latin sect- (from secare ‘to cut’).