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The number of live births per thousand of population per year.
  1. 'Statistics from the period show that the birth rate for Turks was about two percent compared to just above zero for Bulgarians.'
  2. 'France tries to boost its falling birth rate with more money for mothers.'
  3. 'The birth rate has been described as exceptional and has delighted park rangers, who would normally expect only two joeys to be born annually.'
  4. 'In that period, the business birth rate actually fell from 30.4 to 27.5 per 10,000 adults.'
  5. 'The United States will stabilize its population by 2040 at the current birth rate.'
  6. 'A drop in population had to impact the birth rate which, in turn, would have an impact on future population figures.'
  7. 'The increasing demand is linked to a rising birth rate in the area bucking the national trend, which shows a decline.'
  8. 'With a declining birth rate and an ageing population, the first minister says they need fresh talent.'
  9. 'One could also speculate on the link to the low birth rate, which usually is ascribed to an under-performing economy.'
  10. 'Catholics had a birth rate approximately double that of the Protestant population.'

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1. the proportion of births to the total population in a place in a given time, usually expressed as a quantity per 1000 of population.

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"longevities can be birthrate."

"firsts can be birthrate."