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The place where a person was born.
  1. 'There is currently a proposal to build a dumping facility on the site of her birthplace in Killala.'
  2. 'Each chapter illuminates a different area of the city and includes facts on birthplaces, burial places, sites with a literary connection, restaurants and pubs, literary museum exhibits, etc.'
  3. 'Israeli forces now control most of this ancient town, the birthplace of Christ.'
  4. 'A city businessmen returns to his birthplace for his teacher father's funeral.'
  5. 'The countryside idyll of my Cheshire birthplace is, sadly, the most boring place on earth.'
  6. 'Their reverence reaches its zenith here at the birthplace of the country's founder.'
  7. 'The town is the birthplace of Adam Smith, author of The Wealth of Nations.'
  8. 'I love Mumbai, but Hyderabad is my birthplace, the place where I spent the most beautiful half of my life.'
  9. 'The town represents the birthplace and final resting place of the the regiment's founder, Brigadier Luke Lillingston.'
  10. 'She renamed her the Takapuna - ‘after my birthplace, a beachside city in New Zealand’.'
  11. 'The local community is campaigning for a museum to commemorate the district as the historic birthplace of the famous car.'
  12. 'This work was badly needed on a road that leads to one of the most scenic areas in the parish and was the birthplace of many legends.'
  13. 'It's long been abandoned, but many here still revere this place as the birthplace of the faith.'
  14. 'It will be a disappointment to the people of the county town, known as the birthplace of radio, as it had been hoped the collection would remain there.'
  15. 'However, the balance of power could well shift full circle to Asia, the original birthplace of the game.'
  16. 'The grounds are seen by many as the birthplace of the English landscape movement.'
  17. 'The lake was the cradle of Andean civilisation and remains enduringly known as the birthplace of the Inca empire.'
  18. 'You may or may not have noticed, but the games of the 28th Olympiad are taking place in its birthplace of Athens.'
  19. 'It does nothing to burnish the city's proud heritage as the birthplace of American freedoms.'
  20. 'Soon the gene banks in Mexico, birthplace of the original corn varieties, may also be contaminated.'

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1. place of birth or origin.

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