Adjective "birthmark" definition and examples

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An unusual, typically permanent, mark on someone's body which is there from birth.
  1. 'Freckles can appear similar to and are sometimes confused with pigmented naevi, birthmarks, or moles.'
  2. 'The first symptoms most commonly noted in children are skin lesions, including birthmarks, tumors, and other growths.'
  3. 'It is very easy to disguise most birthmarks and freckles with makeup; there is an endless supply on sale.'
  4. 'Don't let unusual moles or birthmarks go unchecked.'
  5. 'Hemangiomas, or raised red birthmarks caused by blood vessel changes, may also be present.'
  6. 'Pulse dye lasers have been used to treat spider veins on the face and legs, port wine birthmarks, warts, rosacea, stretch marks and scars.'
  7. 'Some of the children have birthmarks or birth defects that correspond to wounds or other marks on the deceased person.'
  8. 'Vascular birthmarks can be internal, or form an external birthmark and can be disfiguring, especially if formed on the face.'
  9. 'The spinal cord does not protrude through the skin, although a patch of hair, a birthmark, or a dimple may be present on the skin over the lower spine.'
  10. 'They asked how old we were and if we had any birthmarks.'

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1. a minor disfigurement or blemish on a person's skin at birth; nevus.