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The action or process of giving birth.
  1. as modifier 'a birthing chair'
  2. 'I'd read different books on natural birthing and was willing to take the chance.'
  3. 'Both Devizes and Malmesbury maternity units currently provide 24 hour ante and post natal care and birthing facilities.'
  4. 'As you learn to recognize and release tight muscles, you will feel better prepared for the demands of active birthing.'
  5. 'The experience of birthing in water had a lot of benefits, many of which I realized only after the birth.'
  6. 'Of course, the pain associated with birthing was considered entirely natural, while the protraction of pain and suffering associated with foot-binding was altogether an intentional act of the human will.'
  7. 'My grandmother felt that birthing in water would be very relaxing.'
  8. 'The couple said they were appalled at the health trust's proposals to transfer birthing and in-patient post-natal care from Devizes to Trowbridge.'
  9. 'Natural birthing is standard because it is the best for the baby.'
  10. 'The UK is progressive in the area of birthing (believe it or not) compared to Australia, but at this rate it is slipping fast.'
  11. 'Mums-to-be in Swindon are meant to be given the different birthing options when they meet with their community midwives.'

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1. an act or instance of giving birth, especially by natural childbirth.

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"pools can be birthing."

"pains can be birthing."

"tubs can be birthing."

"seasons can be birthing."

"processes can be birthing."

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