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The basic monetary unit of Ethiopia, equal to 100 cents.
  1. 'I have taken a loan of 300 birr and I can use it to buy more produce at a cheaper price.'
  2. 'A laden (sheepskin bag or weight equivalent of 30 kg) of grain used to cost one birr.'
  3. 'They get about 2 birr a kilo compared to just 25 Ethiopian cents last year.'
  4. 'When I do make a few birr, I have to plan it to last for a couple of days.'
  5. 'This Ethiopian farmer is facing famine again and, to keep his eight children alive, has been reduced to collecting wood and grass from the bush to sell at market for two birr a bundle.'

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1. force; energy; vigor.

2. emphasis in statement, speech, etc.

3. a whirring sound. verb (used without object)

4. to move with or make a whirring sound.

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"dollars can be birr."

"budgets can be birr."

"bills can be birr."

"weakeneses can be birr."

"rates can be birr."

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(birr)From Amharic.