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The observation of birds in their natural habitats as a hobby.
  1. 'My uncle Larry is a birder and the way he writes about birding makes me think it is something I will eventually do as well.'
  2. 'My father went birding or worked in the vegetable garden when he wanted to think.'
  3. 'This morning I met our Battalion surgeon for a little early morning birding.'
  4. 'Iowa birding is good; there are quite a few pelicans here and some good ducks.'
  5. 'In the isolated beauty of the Antarctic north, you will observe some of the best birding in the world.'
  6. 'He enjoyed birding and attending cricket matches with childhood friends.'
  7. 'I even added two new birds to my year list, not a bad day birding at all.'
  8. 'She told me it had been an important book because, for her, birding had been no idle hobby.'
  9. 'I'm trying to track down some British Soldiers who have been birding in Iraq.'
  10. 'The main aspect of January birding is the cold weather movements that occur with birds moving from the near continent and in to south and eastern Britain.'

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1. the identification and observation of wild birds in their natural habitat as a recreation; bird-watching.

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"trips can be birding."