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A child's term for a bird.
  1. 'I love birdies just as much as you love horses and used to breed and sell parakeets all the time, but I've since slowed down and am left with a few offspring.'
  2. 'Those little birdies now have hope because of you.'
A score of one stroke under par at a hole.
  1. 'On the last hole of the 1986 Masters, needing only a par to tie Jack Nicklaus and a birdie to win outright, his iron shot flew far right of the green again.'
  2. 'But after packing nine birdies and an eagle into an astonishing round, she suddenly leapt into contention.'
  3. 'After an eagle and six birdies Westwood needed to birdie the 433-yard last to equal the course best of 63.'


Play (a hole) with a score of one stroke under par.
  1. 'I parred the hole and won by two shots over Gil Morgan, who birdied the final hole.'
  2. 'Tiger Woods birdied the final hole to take an outright lead after a high-scoring first round of the US Open in Long Island.'
  3. 'The final day started well enough for the American as he birdied the opening hole to move to seven-under par for the tournament.'

More definitions

1. a small bird.

2. Golf. a score of one stroke under par on a hole.

3. a shuttlecock. verb (used with object), birdied, birdieing.

4. Golf. to make a birdie on (a hole).

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be birdie."


Late 18th century: diminutive of bird; the golf term from US slang bird, denoting any first-rate thing.