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A cage for pet birds, typically made of wire or cane.
  1. 'The glint on the wire frames of his spectacles echoes the glint on the birdcage wire.'
  2. 'Standing in the kitchen looking at the birdcage on top of the bath is my earliest childhood memory.'
  3. 'Fluttering inhabitants occupy birdcages at either side of the porch.'
  4. 'Also known as parrot fever, this bacterial illness can occur when people have contact with infected bird feces or with the dust that accumulates in birdcages.'
  5. 'Lovers date in teahouses; strangers come for blind dates; elderly people carry their birdcages and busy folk jabber into their mobile phones.'
  6. 'Another one was an aviarist, he was keen on birds and he took all the doors off the kitchen cupboards and put wire netting up to use them as birdcages.'
  7. 'There is a birdcage, which Shackelton owned and several photographs of the great man, together with letters and other documents penned or signed by him.'
  8. 'He always loved birds,’ said Anthony, pointing to the three birdcages with birds hanging up in his uncle's home.'
  9. 'When he entered, he noticed that the enclosures resembled birdcages.'

More definitions

1. a cage for confining birds.

2. something that resembles a birdcage in form.

3. Slang. the airspace over an airport, together with the airplanes in it.

More examples(as adjective)

"hats can be birdcage."

"areas can be birdcage."