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Having two phases.
  1. 'In these cases, the second phase was missing in biphasic responses.'
  2. 'The results show that a biphasic phase 2 is common to all three fiber types.'
  3. 'Instead, it was the relative amount of both phases that was modulated in the biphasic samples.'
  4. 'No other biphasic waveform is as well documented.'
  5. 'Successful biphasic catalysis uses two solvents of different polarity so that the catalyst stays primarily in one phase and renders the catalyst recyclable.'
  6. 'The results obtained support a heterogeneous biphasic phase 2 in all three fiber types.'
  7. 'However, the authors observed that it was the absence, not the presence, of these native contacts in the unfolded state that generated biphasic folding kinetics.'
  8. 'In a 20 mL solution, addition of just ten drops of water was enough to produce a biphasic system composed of polar and non-polar layers.'
  9. 'Usually morale hits a low around January or February, though last year we had a biphasic low due to an early start to flu season.'
  10. 'This description is able to reproduce the observed biphasic behavior with randomly and uniformly distributed channels and vesicles.'

More definitions

1. having two phases.

2. Botany. having a gametophytic and a sporophytic phase.

More examples(as adjective)

"defibrillations can be biphasic."