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Relating to or resulting from living organisms.
  1. 'The effectiveness of exclusion through pore size is relatively easy to demonstrate for biotic pollinators by direct observation.'
  2. 'These improvised sacred symbols place the trees and the entire local biotic community at the center of the sacral yearning that has brought us here.'
  3. 'The ultimate expression of the code is dependent on the specific biotic and abiotic environment in which cells and organs find themselves as they develop and grow.'
  4. 'Living organisms function in the context of the abiotic and biotic worlds.'
  5. 'The organism or biotic factor is essentially vegetation and is the summation of the plant matter reaching the soil.'
  6. 'His study of the deep environmental history of the continent is complemented by his study of the physiology of biotic communities.'
  7. 'In addition to their role in plant defence, both genes are involved in the plant response to the environment and their expression is regulated by biotic and abiotic agents.'
  8. 'Numerous interacting abiotic and biotic factors have profound effects on nest sites and incubating females.'
  9. 'Certain types of ecosystems and biotic communities, such as tropical rain forests and wetlands, might completely disappear.'
  10. 'The approach is from the community level, highlighting physical and biotic interactions at varying spatial scales.'

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1. pertaining to life.

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"orders can be biotic."

"levels can be biotic."

"resources can be biotic."

"spheres can be biotic."

"pressures can be biotic."

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Mid 19th century: from French biotique, or via late Latin from Greek biōtikos, from bios ‘life’.