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  1. 'It is true that the biotech industry is restructuring madly.'
  2. 'It raises many unanswered questions about new Labour, its link to the biotech industry and the safety of GM food.'
  3. 'Is it when the genetically engineered crop is delivered to the biotech manufacturing facility?'
  4. 'More than 150 people from the biotech industry are in Johannesburg.'
  5. 'But the uncertainties with tech stocks, they felt, would be likely to continue as would the growth of interest in biotech.'
  6. 'Chiron's vaccine troubles wouldn't be such a worry if its biotech drugs made up the slack.'
  7. 'He said opportunities were limited and the long life cycles required in biotech put off many funders.'
  8. 'It has a terrific biotech and health-care industry and some other technology.'
  9. 'How much does he really need the biotech industry anyway?'

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1. biotechnology.

More examples(as adjective)

"struggles can be biotechs."

"aims can be biotechs."

"forgings can be biotechs."