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The regions of the surface and atmosphere of the earth or another planet occupied by living organisms.
  1. 'The idea of bringing physical samples of Mars back to Earth has raised serious concerns about the possibility of contaminating the Earth's biosphere with an unknown Martian organism.'
  2. 'In certain areas, mankind is presently consuming these mineral resources more rapidly than they are being transmitted from the interior of the planet to the biosphere.'
  3. 'Another major biological feature often considered as organized hierarchically is the pattern of distribution and association of organisms in the biosphere.'
  4. 'Human activities have dramatically altered the Earth's biosphere and atmosphere during the past few hundred years.'
  5. 'If we catch it, the potential to expand the biosphere beyond Earth to the rim of the solar system and beyond can be realized.'
  6. 'The totality of living organisms is the biosphere, although this term is also used to denote the environment inhabited by living organisms.'
  7. 'This is a long, long way from saying that this galaxy is full of planets with biospheres even remotely comparable to ours.'
  8. 'He touches on the lives of many scientists, some famous and some forgotten, who have studied the earth and the biospheres of Indonesia.'
  9. 'He looked at this problem of living processes in the biosphere from that standpoint.'
  10. 'He demonstrated, for example, that the atmosphere, the oceans, and most of the area on which we live on the surface of the Earth, is a biosphere.'
An artificial structure enclosing a self-contained ecosystem or ecosystems.
  1. 'Living outside the biosphere are mostly transmigrants and the indigenous people that capitalists from the city often hire to fell trees in the forest.'
  2. 'Examples of places where a biosphere might be built include the moon, other moons of the solar system, and planets such as Mars.'
  3. 'These brave soldiers will be maintained in self-contained biospheres, like giant lizards from another star, which given the moral status of their behavior, they might as well be.'
  4. 'Machines would be used only to sterilize and purify water that has already been cycled through the artificial biosphere.'
  5. 'An artificial biosphere should have different zones that represent different parts of an ecosystem.'
  6. 'The second were generation ships, which had self-contained biospheres where the crew was not in stasis pods, but alive.'

More definitions

1. the part of the earth's crust, waters, and atmosphere that supports life.

2. the ecosystem comprising the entire earth and the living organisms that inhabit it.

More examples(as adjective)

"reserves can be biosphere."

"programmes can be biosphere."


Late 19th century: coined in German from Greek bios ‘life’ + sphaira (see sphere).