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An examination of tissue removed from a living body to discover the presence, cause, or extent of a disease.
  1. mass noun 'cirrhosis was confirmed by biopsy'
  2. 'Furthermore, endoscopic biopsies may not be sufficient to make the diagnosis, often requiring a surgical resection.'
  3. 'Ultrasound examination and core biopsies confirm the diagnosis.'
  4. 'A tentative diagnosis of rabies was made on a biopsy and confirmed at autopsy.'
  5. 'Microscopic examination of the gastric biopsies revealed the presence of cellular infiltrate in the mucosa and submucosa.'
  6. 'In these cases, mistakes frequently are made during examination of endoscopic biopsies.'
  7. 'The blandness of the spindle cells was so impressive as to dissuade us from a malignant diagnosis on preoperative biopsies.'
  8. 'We examined only cervical biopsies in this study, and the results obtained may not be generalizable to other biopsy types.'
  9. 'It is still unknown to what extent bronchial biopsies capture pathology at this more peripheral location.'
  10. 'In addition, later biopsies may show disease progression or regression.'
  11. 'Despite this second assessment, there were still no subtle features of coeliac disease on the initial biopsy.'


Conduct a biopsy on (tissue removed from a living body)
  1. 'New imaging technologies enable students to explore bodily structures without dissecting, while pathological studies can often be made on tissue located and biopsied in the living patient.'
  2. 'But there's controversy: Unlike shaved or excised moles, lasered ones can't be biopsied because no skin tissue is removed.'
  3. 'The mass was biopsied under ultrasound guidance on the second day of admission with 10 passes with a 15 gauge biopsy gun and Sure-cut needle.'
  4. 'However, if the fluid is bloody, if the cyst doesn't go away, or if it quickly recurs, it may need to be biopsied or surgically removed.'
  5. 'We biopsied him: not only did he have the classic pathologic findings of HIV nephropathy, but when we looked for the virus, we found it there in a great amount and also in his epithelial cells, which was quite unusual.'
  6. 'Tender breast buds in prepubertal girls can be misdiagnosed as abnormal lumps, but should not be biopsied or excised.'
  7. 'An abnormal Pap smear is followed by colposcopy, where the cervix is examined using a low-power microscope, and any abnormal areas are biopsied.'
  8. 'In 2 patients, 2 separate lesions were biopsied.'
  9. 'Should they be systematically biopsied and removed, or can some just be left alone?'
  10. 'An 11 gauge vacuum assisted biopsy device is now available which, because it provides more tissue, increases the diagnostic yield when biopsying microcalcification.'

More definitions

1. the removal for diagnostic study of a piece of tissue from a living body.

2. a specimen obtained from a biopsy. verb (used with object), biopsied, biopsying.

3. to remove (living tissue) for diagnostic evaluation.

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"rejections can be biopsy."

"evidences can be biopsy."


Late 19th century: coined in French from Greek bios ‘life’ + opsis ‘sight’, on the pattern of necropsy.