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Having or denoting an artificial, typically electromechanical, body part or parts.
  1. 'Understanding what, exactly, the cochlear implant does may help children appreciate their new bionic ear and the cool technology that's behind it that allows them to hear better.'
  2. 'Correspondence chess games, while often brilliant, have seemed kind of like the equivalent of the bionic man - strong play sure, but is it really human?'
  3. 'The possibility of a species of bionic men and women has been elaborately imagined in science fiction portrayals of alien races such as ‘The Borg’ in the Paramount television series Star Trek The Next Generation.'
  4. 'He said he has spent hundreds of pounds on equipment, including a bionic ear that amplifies sound by 36 times, a two-way radio with a radius of three miles, a night vision monocular and a searchlight.'
  5. 'And clearly what everyone knows about it, the more dramatic situations where hearing aids don't work, and then you've got cochlear implants, the bionic ear that people in Australia have led the world in.'
  6. 'Scientists with the ability to develop bionic dogs and digital noses are beginning experiments to create K9-the world's first robot sniffer dog.'
  7. 'So as a technical writer, I may have to write the instructions for how to set a timer on a VCR, or how to replace a battery in a bionic ear, or how to configure the hardware in a telecommunications network.'
  8. 'In other words, if you are shifted over toward the bionic side of the saddle, whether that leg is shorter or not, it would pull the muscles and tendons on the other leg more.'
  9. 'He had been wounded before, many times, but this one forced him to use an artificial heart, and a bionic limb replacement for his right arm.'
  10. 'The Bionic Man was an entertaining piece of fictional TV, but Steve Austin's bionic eye is now a reality.'
  11. 'working out in gyms in an attempt to become bionic men'
  12. 'I don't know how much longer I can carry on the rivalry without Georgetown making the dance - I'm running out of ways to mock the bionic Boeheim and his perennially successful teams.'
  13. 'Probable enough, as long as you subscribe to the notion that the duration and ferocity of Ankersmit's reed assault is the product of some sort of bionic lung machine capable of infinite gale-force winds.'
  14. 'Similarly, Joseph Williams has shown how teachers' harsh, bionic eyes for error in student writing are made all too human when they don the lenses of nonteachers and read other kinds of writing.'
  15. 'I like to think that these detectors are like bionic ears for the human race to allow us to listen to the sounds of the universe for the first time.'
  16. 'I should've known your bionic ears would pick it up.'
  17. 'We forget that these men and women are flesh and blood, not bionic men and women who can go to the nearest NAPA auto parts store and get new U-joints.'
  18. 'Future enhancements will include fuel cells as well as bionic strength - well, not really, as ASIMO can only lift about two pounds.'
Relating to bionics.
  1. 'It looked much like a human with bionic implants.'
  2. 'The OG Vets had drained the power of the bionic parts.'
  3. 'The new design answers major questions about what's feasible for bionic devices.'

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1. utilizing electronic devices and mechanical parts to assist humans in performing difficult, dangerous, or intricate tasks, as by supplementing or duplicating parts of the body: The scientist used a bionic arm to examine the radioactive material.

2. Informal. having superhuman strength or capacity.

3. of or relating to bionics.

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"people can be bionic."

"arms can be bionic."

"systems can be bionic."

"processes can be bionic."

"manufacturers can be bionic."

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1960s: from bio- ‘human’, on the pattern of electronic.