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Relating to both biology and medicine.
  1. 'The state's biomedical strength relies largely on its education infrastructure.'
  2. 'I have received reimbursement for consultation on biomedical aspects of epilepsy.'
  3. 'In contrast, the subject of the medical history is a particular biomedical condition.'
  4. 'The biomedical scientists and medical practitioners would have liked greater technical details.'
  5. 'It is also useful for students and teachers of medicine and the biomedical sciences.'
  6. 'An anthropological approach does not assume that biomedical concepts and practices are both normative and universal.'
  7. 'However, the sexes did not differ in giving biomedical information about diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment.'
  8. 'The encounter begins by the clinician setting the clinical problem in a conventional biomedical model.'
  9. 'Regenerative medicine is one of the frontiers in biomedical and clinical research.'
  10. 'For a growing number, it is the most intriguing biomedical problem of our time.'

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1. the application of the natural sciences, especially the biological and physiological sciences, to clinical medicine.

2. the science concerned with the effects of the environment on the human body, especially environments associated with space travel.

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"researchs can be biomedical."

"companies can be biomedical."

"sensors can be biomedical."

"engineerings can be biomedical."

"technologies can be biomedical."

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