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A biological or synthetic substance which can be introduced into body tissue as part of an implanted medical device or used to replace an organ, bodily function, etc.
  1. 'Manufacturing biomaterials from natural fibres makes environmental sense says Dr. Sain.'
  2. 'Sections that I visit frequently include those involving artificial kidneys and dialysis, gas exchange and artificial lungs, liver-assist devices, detoxification, and biomaterials.'
  3. 'With these measurements, we demonstrate that, by varying particle surface modifications, we can selectively tune the sensitivity of the particles to the different physical properties of the biomaterials they probe.'
  4. 'The enterprise body also aims to concentrate on emerging areas such as biomaterials (material used in medical devices) and bioinformatics (using computers to process biological data such as the human genome).'
  5. 'In comparison, implanted biomaterials, prosthetics, and devices have inanimate surfaces.'
  6. 'Testers suitable for a variety of biomaterials, polymers, and gels'
  7. '‘This is a powerful technique that can be used for biomaterials modification,’ Schmidt said, ‘and it hasn't really been explored very much until now.’'
  8. 'We thus applied for and have been granted several International and US patents on the subject, describing our results on biomaterials useful for bone repair and replacement for craniofacial, dental and orthopaedic applications.'
  9. 'And now that we understand that, it may be possible to engineer novel, rationally-designed biomaterials that can control those interactions.'
  10. 'First, stem cells, when mixed with biomaterials known as scaffolds, can help regenerate bone growth and damaged tissue.'

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1. a synthetic material, usually a plastic, suitable for implanting in a living body to repair damaged or diseased parts.

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"suppliers can be biomaterial."