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In a way that concerns biology or living organisms.
  1. 'Few biomimetic results have proved as exciting as the recent successes in biologically derived silica and silica polymerization.'
  2. 'Undesirable vegetation in a pond can be controlled mechanically, biologically, or chemically.'
  3. 'Complete cutaneous wound healing involves a biologically complex two-year process of cellular regeneration and repair.'
  4. 'Organic farms are typically more biologically diverse than conventional operations.'
  5. 'Biologically based integrated weed management is the basis of our programs.'
In an inherited or innate way.
  1. 'Under their racial theories, an individual's ethnicity was determined biologically not behaviorally.'
  2. 'Most of our official family is not related biologically.'
  3. 'The impact of success and failure on mood state is a universal phenomenon, which appears to be biologically based.'
  4. 'Formal operational tasks should, like reading, be regarded as biologically secondary abilities.'
  5. 'It's entirely possible that women are biologically primed to be highly sensitive to relationships.'

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1. pertaining to biology.

2. of or relating to the products and operations of applied biology: a biological test. noun

3. Pharmacology. any substance, as a serum or vaccine, derived from animal products or other biological sources and used to treat or prevent disease.

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"compounds can be biologically."