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Relating to biology or living organisms.
  1. 'In recent years, similar scenarios have been used to model the growth of cells in biological organisms.'
  2. 'Biotechnology is the use of living organisms or biological substances to discover or produce therapeutic remedies.'
  3. 'Mark Isaak has an interesting site entitled Curiosities of Biological Nomenclature that explains how biological organisms are named.'
  4. 'This heavy metal has no known biological function in living organisms.'
  5. 'Biomarkers are indicators or measures of change in biological function of an organism.'
  6. 'Durkheim thinks modern society resembles a biological organism, where duties and functions are distributed to different organs.'
  7. 'Ozone absorbs much of the high energy ultraviolet radiation from the sun that is harmful to biological organisms.'
  8. 'Our view of the structural organization of biological membranes has recently evolved.'
  9. 'It seems almost a truism that the array of beneficial fitness effects must depend idiosyncratically on the biological details of an organism and its environment.'
  10. 'Instead, they've argued, companies are more like biological organisms - living things that learn, evolve, and eventually die.'
  11. 'Biological cleaning solutions, being natural and generally harmless, are very safe to use meaning cleaning staff are protected during general use and in the event of accidental spillages'
  12. 'STCD-Dry Plus: Is a Natural Biological Septic Tank, Cesspool and Grease Trap Cleaner Digester and Deodorizer, using a safe and effective beneficial micro-organism enzyme catalyst blend.'
  13. 'And chemical and biological weapon toxins have a certain shelf life.'
  14. 'Chemical and biological weapons were perceived to be as devastating as a nuclear weapon at a fraction of the cost and technical expertise.'
  15. 'Such preparation serves to deter the use of biological weapons, because the opponent's original asymmetric advantage has been reduced.'
  16. 'Even the use of chemical or biological weapons is problematic.'
  17. 'The use of children as weapons of war should be put on the same moral and legal footing as the use of landmines or biological weapons - simply beyond the pale.'
  18. 'The Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome epidemic in China is a modest measure of what might occur after serious biological weapon attack in the United States.'
  19. 'There will be a lot more drills on how to deal with the possible use of chemical or biological weapons.'
  20. 'Like chemical and biological weapons, cyber weapons can target large masses of people in both military and civilian communities.'
  21. 'Because bullets, bombs, and biological weapons don't distinguish between human and non-human animals.'
  22. 'These inspectors will render an accounting of all nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs and will help oversee their elimination.'
(of a member of a person's family) genetically related; related by blood.
  1. 'And the mother and father, the biological parents of this baby were in the wind but the grandparents lived in New Jersey.'
  2. 'They also say they hoped to avoid custody battles between adoptive parents and biological fathers who step forward too late.'
  3. 'The bill does differentiate between natural guardians - the biological parents - and appointed guardians.'
  4. 'The phrase ‘parent of grandchildren’ includes the grandmothers' biological children and their spouses.'
  5. 'At the moment, it is uncertain as to who is the biological mother and biological father of the children.'
  6. 'He claims that his mother also revealed his biological father's identity and urged that he seek him out.'
  7. 'When the fire-fighter dies, her parents - the biological grandparents - refuse to hand over the infant boy to his other mother.'
  8. 'She knew that she was not the biological daughter of her parents, she knew all along.'
  9. 'She says that she and her husband explained to their biological children about fostering and that the children are happy with it.'
  10. 'But what can be said about families that are missing one parent, typically the biological father who has either left or died?'


A substance of biological origin used as a drug, vaccine, pesticide, etc.
  1. 'The cost of advanced wound care dressings, drugs, devices, and biologicals will prove to be cost-effective to the department, the payers, and the patients when the wound management outcomes are documented and promoted.'
  2. 'These machines also reduce chemical exposure to employees and are capable of applying current and future products that may include both chemicals and biologicals.'
  3. 'Bayer's primary biologicals facility in Worthington, Minnesota, produces vaccines for horses, cattle, and swine.'
  4. 'The cost of patents on biologicals used in healthcare and medicines would be even higher and more horrific.'
  5. 'The standing committees will deal with biologicals and vaccines, pharmacovigilance, and pharmacy and standards.'
  6. 'The MMA changed the payment rates for many drugs, biologicals, and services.'
  7. '‘Our second generation of biologicals is better than the first because they fight those existing infections,’ says Wilson.'
  8. 'Don't get me wrong - I have nothing but gratitude for chemotherapy regimens and biologicals that do eliminate a legion of malignancies right here today.'
  9. 'William Hasletine, Human Genome Sciences's chairman and chief executive, thinks he knows the answer: biologicals.'
  10. 'ICH S6 states that genotoxicity studies normally conducted for pharmaceuticals are not applicable or needed for biologicals, such as peptides, which are considered unlikely to react directly with DNA.'

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1. pertaining to biology.

2. of or relating to the products and operations of applied biology: a biological test. noun

3. Pharmacology. any substance, as a serum or vaccine, derived from animal products or other biological sources and used to treat or prevent disease.

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