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Relating to biology; biological.
  1. 'Relatively lower cortisol levels following trauma may constitute a biologic risk factor for PTSD.'
  2. 'It is an inherited biologic illness that occurs throughout all stages of life.'
  3. 'The museum itself is a repository of geologic, geographic, and biologic detail on the park.'
  4. 'Although biologic and medication factors are largely causative, they clearly facilitate the development of decreased self-esteem and depression.'
  5. 'A relatively new approach associated with biotech therapeutics uses in vitro diagnostic assays to predict if a drug or biologic product would be effective in treating a particular patient.'
  6. 'Yet there are significant obstacles on the path to generic biologic drugs, beginning with the very definition of "generic."'
  7. 'People who smoke are influenced by multiple interconnected factors, including behavioral, social, environmental, psychological, genetic, and biologic factors.'
  8. 'In addition to wavelength, the dose of light needed for biologic effects depends on several other factors.'


  1. 'Insurers and consumers have even more reason to want a break on biologics, which can be vastly more expensive than other drugs.'
  2. 'He says that "we are looking at some first steps toward generic biologics."'
  3. 'Recalls for drugs, biologics, veterinary medicines, and the overwhelming majority of devices are voluntary actions by industry.'
  4. 'However, the law currently doesn't allow for generic biologics.'
  5. 'Finally, to make matters even more complicated, products that meet the definition of a biologic also meet the definition of a drug.'
  6. 'The future of cardiovascular care will be combining devices, drugs, and biologics to take a more intelligent approach.'
  7. 'The centers for drugs and biologics both have excellent scientific core competencies in their areas of authority.'
  8. 'The process has worked well for some straightforward drug-device combination products, but for more complex products, particularly those involving biologics, it has faltered.'
  9. 'The most complex combination products are invariably devices involving drugs or biologics, or both.'
  10. 'Targeted pharmaceuticals and biologics do work for the betterment of healthcare by reducing the cost and time of development and time to market.'

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1. pertaining to biology.

2. of or relating to the products and operations of applied biology: a biological test. noun

3. Pharmacology. any substance, as a serum or vaccine, derived from animal products or other biological sources and used to treat or prevent disease.

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"products can be biologic."

"membranes can be biologic."

"applications can be biologic."

"responses can be biologic."

"phenomena can be biologic."

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