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Produced or brought about by living organisms.
  1. 'In terms of biomass, organic carbon fixation, space occupation, and biogenic habitat, kelps are the dominant reef-inhabiting organisms in cool seas, especially in the Northern Hemisphere.'
  2. 'Some of our results suggest that the extractable agent in nest soil is organic, and possibly biogenic.'
  3. 'Snake venoms are a complex mixture of proteins, polypeptides, biogenic amines, and other components that may have neurotoxic, hemostatic, and/or hemorrhagic effects on prey.'
  4. 'Some other possible mechanisms could include increased dust deposition, volatile biogenic emissions, or tectonic activity.'
  5. 'The methods of distinguishing biogenic from nonbiogenic carbon developed by van Zuilen and Lepland have helped support this new evidence and it has now gained widespread acceptance, Arrhenius said.'
  6. '‘This demonstrates that looking for biogenic signatures alone will complicate the process of looking for life,’ he said.'
  7. 'These observations strongly implicate the synthesis and regulation of biogenic amines in regulating mating behavior and causing variation in mating behavior within and between species.'
  8. 'Slow transmission can take many minutes and is enormously more complex, involving at least 100 different chemicals falling into four classes: biogenic amines, peptides, amino acids and nitric oxide.'
  9. 'It serves as a timely reminder that simple molecules, such as biogenic amines and many others, were not ‘invented’ by animals, but that their origin dates back long before the diversification of plant and animal evolutionary lineages.'
  10. 'If intrinsic changes in biogenic amine neurochemistry occur because of winning or losing experiences, these changes may be reflected in the types of chemicals released into the urine of dominant and subordinate crayfish.'

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1. resulting from the activity of living organisms, as fermentation.

2. necessary for the life process, as food and water.

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"wrights can be biogenic."

"textures can be biogenic."

"sediments can be biogenic."

"processes can be biogenic."

"diets can be biogenic."

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