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Gaseous fuel, especially methane, produced by the fermentation of organic matter.
  1. 'Several cities, including the Austrian city of Graz, have already made the move to either biodiesel or biogas public transportation systems.'
  2. 'Across the country, farm manure and kitchen garbage are delivered to biogas plants that produce uniform fertilizer and a methane fuel burned cleanly at power plants.'
  3. 'Using our technology in exploiting biogas will improve production by 60 per cent from the same quantity of material.'
  4. 'India has to develop energy based on gas, coal, bio-mass, biogas, water and non-conventional sources, depending on the availability and feasibility.'
  5. 'A good CNG infrastructure is available in several other markets already today and the environmental benefits with CNG, including biogas as a renewable methane source, are a strong argument for using methane products, ie CNG and biogas.'
  6. 'Another creative idea of the time saw 80 council vehicles powered by biogas produced at the Christchurch sewage plant.'
  7. 'These digesters help prevent deforestation, since biogas rather than wood is used for cooking.'
  8. 'These include groundwater heat pumps, fuel cells, solar thermal and photovoltaic panels, new fuels such as hydrogen, biomass, biogas, or bio-oil, and shared energy storage systems.'
  9. 'The colossal amount of animal manure produced will be used for generating biogas and as fertiliser.'
  10. 'Another wildlife biologist, Wijeyamohan of the University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka, designed a system to produce biogas from elephant waste for use as a cooking fuel.'

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1. any gas fuel derived from the decay of organic matter, as the mixture of methane and carbon dioxide produced by the bacterial decomposition of sewage, manure, garbage, or plant crops.

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"plants can be biogas."