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Of considerable size or extent.
  1. 'big buildings'
  2. 'Replacing council tax with a fair local tax would mean big tax cuts for ordinary families.'
  3. 'If your lawn is too big to cut without a rider, set aside a portion of your lawn for a push mower.'
  4. 'All the tests have proved negative but the sample size is not big enough to draw any firm conclusions.'
  5. 'They cut the big organic pasture next door yesterday, carting the hay away to be dried safely elsewhere.'
  6. 'A big cut in the dividend is inevitable, further undermining the case for holding the shares.'
  7. 'Within a few minutes the men cut down two big branches from the tree.'
  8. 'We are a very small organisation and we are not staffed up to handle big surges in communication.'
  9. 'Police are hunting the thieves, who cut a big hole in the fence to get to the aluminium.'
  10. 'He's been politically committed and has taken big cuts in his salary to make these kinds of films.'
  11. 'He said, you'll have to take a big cut in salary and you'll have to start at the bottom.'
  12. 'my big toe'
  13. 'It was around this time that Tim developed frostbite on his big toe.'
  14. 'She remembered that she could just wriggle her right big toe and hoped that someone would notice.'
  15. 'They were unable to save his left leg but used the big toe to replace his right thumb.'
  16. 'It's actually quite relaxing, except for when she presses on an area near the big toe of my left foot which is total agony.'
  17. 'The house was owned by a great big giant, and a lively little pixie.'
  18. 'I try to keep my legs together, keep tension on my big toes and almost tilt my feet in.'
  19. 'Raise yourself onto the balls of both feet, pushing down onto your big toes.'
  20. 'I stick plasters on three toes to prevent blisters, and a gel cushion on my big toes to protect my toenails.'
  21. 'The big toe is the classic place to find it, but it can affect other areas too.'
  22. 'The jury found him not guilty of one charge of grievous bodily harm - a fractured big toe on the child's left foot.'
  23. 'Anyway, she wanted to be a big girl and to prove her parents how independent she could be.'
  24. '“Now quit crying and be a big boy. There’s nothing to be afraid of.”'
  25. 'She knew Mommy was busy, so she decided to be a big girl and take a bath all by herself.'
  26. 'Prepping her for this, we talked to her encouraging her that when she turned 3 she would be a big girl and would sleep in her big girl bed.'
  27. 'If she gets in the way, it's unfortunate, but she's a big girl, she knows the score.'
  28. 'I should be surprised if he were not big enough and mature enough to handle it.'
  29. '"You're a big boy. I'm going to make you a very big boy's present," she told him. "Big boys drive fire engines."'
  30. 'When I'm big, I'll be a policeman.'
  31. 'my big sister'
  32. 'My big brother and I were running toward the riverbank.'
  33. 'Still and silent, he didn't look like my big brother, who was always there to protect me.'
  34. 'He continued to read the newspaper and I continued to worry about my big sister.'
  35. 'She had lots of friends, but she clung on to her big sister Samantha, who she idolised.'
  36. 'Jamie hopes to reach dizzy heights just like big sister Amanda.'
  37. 'The little boy frowned and then he seemed to notice that his big sister was not alone in her room.'
  38. 'So there you go, my big sister, at the age of 37 has finally found someone she wants to settle down with.'
  39. 'Our dad nodded again and left the room as quickly as he had entered, leaving me alone with my big sister again.'
  40. 'Every day, we would nag my big sister Nadia to find out when our mother was going to come and fetch us.'
  41. 'With her big sister, Stephanie, who is also an accomplished violinist, she grew up in the region.'
  42. 'Although his dad has big ambitions for him, financial constraints are a problem.'
  43. 'The children helped plan the big occasion and chose who the happy couple were to be.'
  44. 'These are complemented by a mix of bars and lounges where entertainment comes on a big scale or in intimate surroundings.'
  45. 'While the project has barely begun, Thomas already has big plans for the course.'
  46. 'I hope they don't have any big plans to try and make me into a pop star or something.'
  47. 'If you were planning a big spend, particularly for household assets, go for it now.'
  48. 'How might a small software company with big ambitions draw vast amounts of free advertising press coverage?'
  49. 'It is apparent that this young girl has big dreams and she is doing whatever she can to make them reality.'
  50. 'He knows he is joining a big club with big ambitions and those ambitions match his own.'
  51. 'Since then the pair have been inseparable and were looking forward to their big day, planned for this July.'
  52. 'a big eater'
  53. 'We're not big bean eaters in my household so doubtless I'll have plenty of spare to offer around at work.'
  54. 'I'm not a big player of these types of games but thought I'd give this one a go.'
  55. ''My father is a big eater and my mother a good cook'.'
  56. '“I’m not a big sleeper,” he declares, adding that his work on the show “isn’t hard — just time-consuming."'
  57. 'Mickelson may be a big gambler, but all too often when the pressure is at its most intense he has left himself a busted flush.'
  58. 'a big tennis fan'
  59. 'She is a keen photographer, is a big fan of basketball and is passionate about deep sea diving.'
  60. 'Even if you're not a big football fan, last night's Champions League final was a cracker.'
  61. 'So when it all works and you come out of it with the Ashes it is pretty much compulsory to go big on the champagne afterwards.'
  62. 'My father had always been big on sports and had always wanted me to play sports as a kid.'
  63. 'The affable star is big on eye contact, and smiles easily and often.'
  64. 'Specifically he was probably rebelling against our parents, who were very big on doing everything right.'
  65. 'Japanese cookery is big on freshness, using produce in season and sourced locally, where possible.'
  66. 'Neither of us was really big on shopping, so we wanted to get it done as quickly as possible.'
  67. 'When he was just a tiny two-year-old it was clear Nicolas Haworth had what it takes to be a big hit in the tennis world.'
  68. 'He wasn't big on compliments, however when he did give them it was clear he meant them with all his heart.'
Of considerable importance or seriousness.
  1. 'his biggest problem is money'
  2. 'Let us hope for a speedy solution to our transfer dealings and one where the big decisions made are for the good of the club on the pitch.'
  3. 'This was a big mistake and he always regretted the decision to give the plane to the museum.'
  4. 'She got it wrong on the restart, a little mistake but big consequences for everybody else.'
  5. 'Ministers undoubtedly made big mistakes in the handling of the crisis.'
  6. 'It was a big decision to donate my kidney, but it wasn't a problem in the end.'
  7. 'What would life be like without all the anxieties and pitfalls of big decisions?'
  8. 'I'm very aware of what a big decision it is, but it's not the right time.'
  9. 'Some of the things you do are common sense, but you could make a big mistake if you didn't know what you were doing.'
  10. 'Elections are not about issues, but for choosing which people we trust to make the big decisions on our behalf.'
  11. 'Oblivious to the signs and portents that he's making a very big mistake, he takes the job.'
  12. 'African bands which are big in Britain'
  13. '"No other English footballer has ever really made it big over here," he said. "I'd love to be well-known in America."'
  14. 'There is a reason that so few bands from Ireland make it internationally when they are so big over here.'
  15. 'She's not as big over here as some would have you believe, but she's still pretty successful.'
  16. 'Badminton is big over here. I love virtually all racket based sports, and am hoping I can get my mom to play when she comes over.'
  17. 'A very big thank you to all those who participated and helped out in any way to make this event a big success.'
  18. 'It's easier to be big in America if you're already big in Britain.'
  19. 'When someone has had a big success it doesn't make much in the news.'
  20. 'The Christmas draw on the same night was also a big success with a big demand for tickets right up to the time for the draw.'
  21. 'We tried scrumming but other than being funny, it wasn't a big success.'
  22. 'The organising committee thank all who helped make the night such a big success for a very worthy cause.'
  23. 'The monsoon has played a big role in reducing the passage time to the country.'
  24. 'We go over each game together and of course Wayne has been a big influence.'
  25. 'Colin readily admits that he was a big political influence in his teenage years.'
  26. 'He was a big influence during his time at the Crown Ground and it's thanks to him in many ways that we've got where we are today.'
  27. 'This in turn will have a very big influence on the prospects for partnership in the future.'
  28. 'Of course, he is too good a player and too big an influence not to be missed.'
  29. 'Over a short period, changes in gut fill can have a big influence on the recorded liveweight gain.'
  30. 'Certainly Davis has been a big influence on it, for his philosophy as much as for those jazz influences.'
  31. 'Anyone with kids knows what a big influence the culture is on our kids and our future.'
  32. 'His father, he realises now, was a big influence on him becoming a comic.'
  1. 'I also think that it is very "big" of you to be calm and take care of the situations and even laugh about them later.'
  2. 'That's very big of him considering the full extent of what he learned a short time later.'
  3. 'Alex, that's very big of you to admit you were wrong.'
  4. 'It was big of you to come out and say that you actually saw a Sunday matinee when it was still in theaters.'
  5. 'That he’s allowed this sensitive information to be included in an episode of his own show is very big of him, ironically.'


Praise or recommend something highly.
  1. 'I don't want to big it up too much, as then the whole experience might fail to meet my expectations.'
  2. 'United bigged him up on tour and then dropped him like a stone on his return to Manchester.'


The major league in a professional sport.
  1. 'He hopes his affordability will help him make it back to the bigs.'
  2. 'Two years later, he made his major-league debut with the Chicago White Sox, and the next season, he was in the bigs to stay.'
  3. 'For the optimistic fan, it's a reminder of just how difficult professional baseball is, and a chance to see minor league players learning to do the things that will get them to the bigs.'
  4. 'Unlike other parts of the Caribbean, where seeing the hometown boys in the bigs is a source of pride, the Mexican baseball powers have decided to keep the product local.'
  5. 'But as the first minor-leaguer I followed to make good in the bigs, he holds a special distinction in my eyes.'
  6. 'But even among these successful major leaguers, their first couple of months in the bigs were a struggle, with average performances more than 20 percent below their eventual career norms.'
  7. 'His first exposure to the bigs was with the Pilgrims.'
  8. 'He got his first taste of the bigs in 1995, but he didn't stick until '98.'
  9. 'What are the most important metrics you use in evaluating whether a minor leaguer can be successful in the bigs?'
  10. 'After an apprenticeship in the minors, a few umpires are picked to jump to the bigs.'


1. large, as in size, height, width, or amount: a big house; a big quantity.

2. of major concern, importance, gravity, or the like: a big problem.

3. outstanding for a specified quality: a big liar; a big success.

4. important, as in influence, standing, or wealth: a big man in his field.

5. grown-up; mature: big enough to know better.

6. elder: my big sister.

7. doing business or conducted on a large scale; major in size or importance: big go

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"gains can be bigs."