Adjective "bighearted" definition and examples

Definitions and examples


(of a person or action) kind and generous.
  1. 'It was a chance to dress up in odd clothes and take part in all kinds of wacky events as big-hearted residents from all over Bexley raised money for Children in Need.'
  2. 'Heartbreak has turned to pure joy for four-year-old Jordan Deegan after big-hearted Observer readers rallied to replace his only toy stolen by cold-blooded thieves.'
  3. 'Ross Gumbly is well cast as big-hearted Joe Gargery and Surcel provides light relief with his whimsical interpretation of Mr Wemmick.'
  4. 'The RAF personnel are the latest in a long line of big-hearted people willing to help the fund, which currently stands at around £45,000.'
  5. 'Donations are also continuing to pour in for the appeal from big-hearted readers and the fund has already topped the £100,000 mark.'
  6. 'Thanks to the amazing generosity of various big-hearted members of the Foolish community, clicking here and then on ‘Recommend it!’'
  7. 'These big-hearted builders, some of whom are from Carlow and Laois, will be taking part in another Niall Mellon Township Challenge.'
  8. 'A week ago, a band of big-hearted volunteers began work on decorating the home of Nikki Randall and her three-year-old disabled daughter Jade and just look at what they've achieved.'
  9. 'A big-hearted woman with ruthless determination, she has adopted a young boy called Champion who has grown into a potential Tour de France cycling champion.'
  10. 'The big-hearted owner of a taxi company was so moved by the plight of Wakering residents who had their tyres slashed by vandals he has offered half-price fares to everyone affected.'



1. generous; kind.