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Confused and indecisive; puzzled.
  1. 'There were a number of scared and bewildered children crying in their parents' arms.'
  2. 'Instead of handing me the phone, my stepmom gave me a bewildered look.'
  3. 'His brother looked totally bewildered, which was a rarity.'
  4. 'Her pages are packed with the stories of bewildered individuals who, finding themselves in difficulties on a variety of far-flung frontiers, struggle to adjust to their immediate situation.'
  5. 'Fluctuating wildly between bewildered Dr Jekyll and psychopathic Mr Hyde, Dafoe plays the role with unremitting glee, energy and panache.'
  6. 'When I opened my eyes I saw a bewildered look on his face.'
  7. 'Foresters are often completely bewildered that local communities resent them.'
  8. '"This was supposed to be my big break," he cried to the bewildered audience.'
  9. 'On every page there are unhappy husbands, bewildered boyfriends, disappointed lovers and delusional relatives.'
  10. 'Carol, a bewildered student, comes to her professor, John, confessing her inability to cope with her course.'


1. completely puzzled or confused; perplexed.

More examples(as adjective)

"investors can be bewildered after rides."

"people can be bewildered by turns."

"people can be bewildered by trains."

"people can be bewildered by ironies."

"people can be bewildered by about-faces."

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