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Risk a sum of money or valued item against someone else's on the basis of the outcome of an unpredictable event such as a race or game.
  1. with clause 'I would be prepared to bet that he wanted to leave'
  2. 'Since betting on cricket is now passe, there should be fresh avenues to explore.'
  3. 'Prosecutors said he also ran an illegal gambling operation that bet on professional baseball games.'
  4. 'Bookmakers call a halt to betting on races at Cheltenham.'
  5. 'Users can enjoy free online gambling, betting on important games and events, but the money you win or lose are virtual, to remind you there is a difference between the real world and the web.'
  6. 'The polls as I write make it a mug's game to bet on the outcome of the presidential election.'
  7. 'The losing trialist also scored a hefty reward, from betting on himself to win his heat and se mi-final as well as from the money he was allowed to bet on the race winner at long odds.'
  8. 'Now we have installment two, I did bet on baseball, but I didn't bet against the team I was managing.'
  9. 'Under the betting ordinance, Hong Kong punters can bet on overseas races, but they must be part of a local racing programme.'
  10. 'Under Michigan rules, jockeys may bet on races they ride as long as their wagers are placed through the owner or trainer of their mounts.'
  11. 'The machines work and look like slot machines but allow fans to use handicapping skills in betting on races at a variety of tracks about every three minutes.'
  12. with two objects 'I bet you £15 you won't chat her up'
  13. 'I went to the butchers the other day and I bet him 50 quid that he couldn't reach the meat off the top shelf.'
  14. 'Instead, Max bets her $50 that the plot won't work.'
  15. 'I bet him $100000 that by 10:00 this morning I'd have the president of the Chase Manhattan bank fired.'
  16. 'Giles was so confident in his boast, that he actually bet us money that he was right.'
  17. 'A tough guy told me, "I'll bet you $10 you're dead."'
  18. 'I bet him a dollar he will buy an iPhone.'
  19. 'I praised him to encourage him, but then wished I hadn't when he bet me his pocket money that he could beat me.'
  20. 'They once bet him $20,000 he would have a child by the time he turned 40.'
  21. 'This guy's friends have all bet him $40 that he cant jump from one dock to the other.'
Used to express certainty.
  1. 'he'll be surprised to see me, I'll bet'
  2. 'I bet that some of them are inspired to take classes and become graphic designers…'
  3. 'I bet that would pass, because who wants to pay taxes?'
  4. 'You have to love that last line. I bet that defense goes over REAL big at their war crime trials.'
  5. 'In the final analysis, I bet that pay-for-play won't work.'
  6. 'I bet that Belgian's going to get into trouble with the Mini Owner's Association…'
  7. '‘I bet that's the way to the cake shop,’ someone said.'
  8. 'And I bet that the writing was the most exciting thing he ever did in his busy life.'
  9. 'I bet that happens with almost every interview.'
  10. 'I bet that idea would make a lot of property developers very happy, from their luxury homes in Port Douglas…'
  11. 'I bet that was hard to follow without binoculars.'


An act of betting a sum of money.
  1. 'for a bet he once rode 200 miles in nine hours'
  2. 'Just take all the money in your bank account and place a bet on India winning the Miss World title again.'
  3. 'These days, rodeos are more than simply the locals having a laugh and a bet on whether someone can stay on a bucking bull.'
  4. 'Anecdotal evidence from bookkeeping chains confirms that a new demographic is emerging, as is a new way of betting - for example, placing a bet on who will score the next goal is becoming common.'
  5. 'When he agrees to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge for a bet, it is only because a dummy will be substituted at the crucial moment.'
  6. 'When I first arrived at Aubergine eight years ago the three of them had a bet on how long I'd last (women chefs are rare).'
  7. 'While at Wednesday, he and two team-mates placed a bet on a match against Ipswich, which eventually led to jail terms and life bans from the game.'
  8. 'A quinella is a bet on the first two horses; it is not, as some people believe, a Mexican cheese pie.'
  9. 'Meanwhile, he added that he was so certain that someone alive today will still be alive in 2150, he had placed a bet on it with a friend.'
  10. 'Among his solutions is ‘livelihood insurance,’ or policies that pay off if a bet on a pioneering career fails to work out.'
  11. 'We made a bet on whether or not you would get jealous and the only way to prove it was to make you believe we were a couple.'
  12. 'First, I was forced to quit my job, but then I found a way to earn lot's of money by placing bets on the foreign currency markets.'
  13. 'Many of the bookies will accept bets in sterling; just make sure they pay you back the same currency.'
  14. 'They have video poker machines built into the bar so Darren decided to squander one dollar on a wee bet.'
  15. 'Another consequence of these developments is that pension fund trustees are increasingly seeking to spread their bets rather than putting all their eggs into the same fund management basket.'
  16. 'But they have handled millions of dollars in bets in the presidential race, senate races and hundreds of other bettable items.'
  17. 'With big, bold bets, it's possible to make a lot of money in a short time.'
  18. 'They offered to refund the stake of your first bet up to £50 whether you win or lose.'
  19. 'Funds must be deposited before any bets can be made.'
  20. 'Adam said he had four large bets open, the largest a stake of £500 for every dollar move in the gold price.'
  21. 'Grand National fever is taking over in my 500 betting shops, with bets ranging from 50p to 5,000 coming one after the other.'
  22. 'City looked a good bet for victory'
  23. 'All four of them were able to fascinate relative outsiders, especially those in Hong Kong, that for rather unclear reasons thought they were a good bet.'
  24. 'That sounds like a good bet - if you plan to be around long enough to collect.'
  25. 'The burger's a good bet - not too big, cooked close to the requested temperature, and slathered in sauteed red onions and cheddar.'
  26. 'So they need to prove they're still effective to their supporters, to rally morale, to convince their financiers that they're still a good bet.'
  27. 'But as MD of one of the country's major construction companies, MacDonald has to be a good bet to achieve success with these ambitious plans.'
  28. 'If you're looking for a standard offering from the Korean kitchen, the bibim bap or ‘mixed rice’ series is a good bet.'
  29. '‘The History of Bowling’ is a good bet for a few laughs and some interesting interplay between characters.'
  30. 'No explanation was offered today, but a good bet is that there is at least foreign one bid on the table with those perennial bridesmaids, Allied Domecq and Diageo of the UK featuring.'
  31. 'I'm not sure that's a good bet, because I think they're giving up a tool of the modern presidency, but they think it serves them better.'
  32. 'I don't know who'll get there first, but Las Vegas is a good bet.'
  33. 'my bet is that Arsenal won't win anything'
  34. 'My bet is that Ebay will be sweating from the competition in a year or two.'
  35. 'My bet's that you'd go with the second guy, simply because he smiled.'

More definitions

1. to wager with (something or someone). verb (used without object), bet or betted, betting.

2. to make a wager: Do you want to bet? noun

3. a pledge of a forfeit risked on some uncertain outcome; wager: Where do we place our bets?

4. that which is pledged: a two-dollar bet.

5. something that is bet on, as a competitor in a sporting event or a number in a lottery: That horse looks like a good bet.

6. an act or instance of bett

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"hikes can be bet."

"managers can be bet."

"strategists can be bet."

"officers can be bet."

"groups can be bet."

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(bet)Late 16th century: perhaps a shortening of the obsolete noun abet ‘abetment’.


all bets are off
don't (or I wouldn't) bet on it
want to bet?
you bet