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(of a problem or difficulty) trouble (someone or something) persistently.
  1. 'she was beset with self-doubt'
  2. 'Your editorials are thought-provoking in addressing the myriad problems besetting our profession today.'
  3. 'Agencies are fighting to get boats in the harbour to take them to the marooned populations, but negotiations are also beset with difficulties.'
  4. 'As if the many other problems besetting agriculture at the present time were not enough, the weather is now heaping further woe on those who earn a living off the land.'
  5. 'The real problem besetting racing will not rear its head in the next few weeks, or even months.'
  6. 'The west coast line is still beset with problems over the cost and timescale of a planned modernisation.'
  7. 'Nevertheless, since the assistance comes after the election, independents are still beset by financial difficulties.'
  8. 'These were troubled times for Mozart: his father and four children all died, Constanze was very ill and financial problems beset him as the economy took a downturn and musicians found themselves unemployed.'
  9. 'Britain's nationalised rail system was always beset with major difficulties.'
  10. 'The vast majority of them are beset with multiple problems: Most lack job skills and are chronically unemployed or at best underemployed.'
  11. 'Everyone hopes that the next president will be able to gradually resolve the problems besetting our country.'
  12. 'Even conventional farmers in California, beset by the heat wave there, are learning how fragile those presumptions can be, as they complain of wine grapes shriveled into raisins.'
  13. 'It is a grim pilgrimage, a pilgrimage under duress, during which he is beset by threatening forces which he cannot fathom and yet needs to comprehend if he is to survive.'
  14. 'The hanging fruit of a dwarf five-in-one pear tree was damaged by birds, after which the damaged fruit was beset by wasps, yellow jackets, flies and gnats.'
  15. 'We were beset by swarms of agitated wasps.'
  16. 'He saw squalid settlements peppered with litter, tireless abandoned cars and children of impoverished natives beset by clouds of flies.'
  17. 'The sun was gloriously illuminating the two men to the west, though both were beset by threatening dark clouds above them.'
  18. 'She is beset by threatening men everywhere she turns, men she doesn't trust even as they offer help.'
  19. 'The children, in this region, are besieged by AIDS and beset by hunger.'
  20. 'She was immediately beset on all sides as her own group and Liza's group mobbed her.'
  21. 'In the middle of February the ship was beset and never got free again.'
  22. 'The Polar Duke, our ice-worthy Norwegian vessel, was immobilized - beset, to use the correct nautical term - by enormous sheets of sea ice.'
  23. 'The ship was beset by pack ice and drifted south for 12 months, becoming the first exploring vessel to winter south of the Antarctic Circle.'
  24. 'The ship became beset in the ice of the Weddell Sea on 18 January 1915 and was crushed and sank on 21 November.'
  25. 'She remains an orphan girl, and, as such, she partakes of the tradition of the orphan girl in the movies: outcast, woebegone, beset on all sides, but plucky and triumphant in the end.'
  26. 'Once the ship was beset, they were soon to become close companions of the men trapped on the ice.'
  27. 'Mary was still dazed as she found herself sitting in the living room of her own house, beset on both sides by her parents.'
Be covered or studded with.
  1. 'For millennia people have been adorning themselves with colorful accessories, made of precious metals, beset with jewels, and decorated with wonderful patterns.'
  2. 'Only a costly silver ring beset with rubies that glittered on one finger denoted his status as being above that of ordinary men.'
  3. 'He wore a golden mitre beset with precious stones, and bore in his left hand a golden crosier, and in his right a pair of goldsmith's tongs.'

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1. to attack on all sides; assail; harass: to be beset by enemies; beset by difficulties.

2. to surround; hem in: a village beset on all sides by dense forest.

3. to set or place upon; bestud: a gold bracelet beset with jewels.

4. Nautical. to surround (a vessel) by ice, so that control of the helm is lost.

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"markets can be beset by lacks."

"republicans can be beset."

"markets can be beset."

"suitors can be beset."

"lies can be beset."

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Old English besettan, from be- ‘about’ + settan (see set).


besetting sin