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A small roundish juicy fruit without a stone.
  1. 'Add the remaining butter olives, caper berries, and parsley and mix to combine.'
  2. 'The primary flavoring agent, the one used by all producers is the juniper berry.'
  3. 'Good dietary sources are citrus fruits, berries, peppers, potatoes and tomatoes, as well as supplements.'
  4. 'Once firm, top with sweetened berries and aged balsamic vinegar, or lots of shavings of chocolate.'
  5. 'For breakfast I am to have muesli, yogurt and berries, which are all quite delicious.'
  6. 'Sloe gin is flavored with sloe berries instead of juniper, the flavoring in regular gin.'
  7. 'Add the black peppercorns, juniper berries, thyme, rosemary, sage, lovage, and bay leaf.'
  8. 'Spoon over reserved fruit juice. Garnish with berries and a sprig of mint.'
  9. 'Using a mortar and pestle, mix the berries with the muscovado sugar and lime juice, crush roughly and leave to marinade with the purple basil leaves.'
  10. 'Game birds and waxwings eat the berries of cedars and junipers.'
  11. 'Drupes and berries, the classic fleshy fruits, first appeared in the late Cretaceous or early Tertiary.'
  12. 'They are present in grape berries and leaves where they occur mainly under glycoconjugated forms.'
  13. 'For the number of flowers, berries and seeds per fruit, ten inflorescences were used, each inflorescence sampling from a different vine or cutting.'
Any of various kernels or seeds, such as the coffee bean.
  1. 'Wheat berries are the mother grain from which pasta, bread, and flour are derived.'
  2. 'Wheat berries contain the whole grain -- endosperm, bran and germ -- and that's what makes them so healthful.'
  3. 'The tiny borer spends its entire larval life inside the coffee berry, which encases the seed, commonly known as the coffee bean.'
  4. 'Red coffee berries are plucked from the tree and roasted on a griddle.'
  5. 'The coffee is then pulped to remove the berry kernels and then the beans are dried.'
  6. 'The scientists selected coffee fields for the test site because medflies love coffee berries.'
  7. 'As we meandered through the mountains north of San Jose, we passed through endless coffee plantations, the rows of dark plants heavy with berries.'
A fish egg or roe of a lobster or similar creature.


    Gather berries.
    1. 'He rode about with Uncle Frank in the grocery wagon, he tended store, he fished, and went berrying.'
    2. 'After tea we went berrying.'
    3. 'The next afternoon he went berrying with a little boy who lived next door.'

    proper noun

    A former province of central France; chief town, Bourges.

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      1. any small, usually stoneless, juicy fruit, irrespective of botanical structure, as the huckleberry, strawberry, or hackberry.

      2. Botany. a simple fruit having a pulpy pericarp in which the seeds are embedded, as the grape, gooseberry, currant, or tomato.

      3. a dry seed or kernel, as of wheat.

      4. the hip of the rose.

      5. one of the eggs of a lobster, crayfish, etc.

      6. the berries, Older Slang. someone or something very attractive or unusual. verb (used without obj

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      "necklaces can be berry."


      Old English berie, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch bes and German Beere.