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Resulting in good; favourable or advantageous.
  1. 'the process was beneficial to both supplier and customer'
  2. 'That would be beneficial to manufacturers interested in borrowing to invest in productivity.'
  3. 'This would be highly beneficial to the area and the economy in the years ahead.'
  4. 'Whether a cycle lane is beneficial to cyclists is doubtful as there are cars parked in the cycle lane most of the time.'
  5. 'It will also be beneficial to the wildlife on the lake not to mention many other responsible lake users.'
  6. 'This was very beneficial to the children and a start in cultivating their love of literature.'
  7. 'The name should also be beneficial to a strong, long-lasting marketing campaign.'
  8. 'There are aspects of royal visits that are enormously beneficial to the general public, however.'
  9. 'Let's agree that it is beneficial to invest in exhilarating public buildings.'
  10. 'Robert sees the setting up of the women's section as beneficial to the social side of the club.'
  11. 'It's beneficial to colleagues as it takes pressure off them and gives them more time to do their jobs.'
Relating to rights to the use or benefit of property, other than legal title.
  1. 'An occupier under a beneficial lease cannot require the annual value to be cut down to the rent actually reserved.'
  2. 'The only case that was put before him by Mrs Oakes was that she was the beneficial owner of the property.'
  3. 'The question was whether there had been a change of beneficial ownership so as to attract duty.'
  4. 'An intention to share a beneficial interest in property has to be manifested to give rise to a rival obligation.'
  5. 'Here a husband and wife were beneficial joint tenants of the matrimonial home.'


1. conferring benefit; advantageous; helpful: the beneficial effect of sunshine.

2. Law. helpful in the meeting of needs: a beneficial association. involving the personal enjoyment of proceeds: a beneficial owner.

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"rains can be beneficial to crops."

"plans can be beneficial to shareholders."

"people can be beneficial on drylands."

"people can be beneficial for regions."

"yen can be beneficial for surpluses."

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Late Middle English: from late Latin beneficialis, from beneficium (see benefice).