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Beneficent or kindly.
  1. 'But if a benefic planet, that is, Venus or Jupiter, is in favourable aspect to Saturn thus located by night, those things which were denied will be given in another way.'
  2. 'Here the benefic Jupiter and malefic Mars symbolize the constructive and destructive principles which are both vital parts of the universe, and which are transcended in the Sun.'
  3. 'The great benefic planet Jupiter's move into your fifth solar house this week will generate an immensely powerful vibration, heralding a month of sensual pleasure.'
  4. 'It is much better to have a benefic dominating a malefic - thereby reducing its power to destroy - than it is to have a malefic overpowering a benefic.'
  5. 'Generous, benefic Jupiter rejoices in the 11 th house of ‘good fortune, benefactors and friends’ and when placed there it can be considered particularly strong.'
  6. 'Unlike Jupiter that we call a benefic planet, Mars is said to be a malefic.'



1. doing or promoting some good; beneficent: a benefic truce; a benefic confluence of planets.


Early 17th century: from Latin beneficus, from bene facere ‘do good (to)’.