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A long seat for several people, typically made of wood or stone.
  1. 'It was smaller than the other gardens on the property - a brick path led to the center of the garden where two stone benches sat under a single tree.'
  2. 'The second miniature shows a couple embracing, seated on a stone bench in front of a starry sky with a disc-shaped moon.'
  3. 'One recent hot afternoon, I was at the East Coast Park sitting on a stone bench all by myself by the beach.'
  4. 'The second-class had wooden seats like park benches and that was it.'
  5. 'Each book is ‘read and released’ into the wild by leaving it on a park bench or airline seat, or passed onto friends.'
  6. 'Use ladderback chairs, rocking chairs, benches, wicker furniture and Windsor chairs.'
  7. 'Sitting on one of the stone benches, she broke down and cried.'
  8. 'Cate straightened herself on the stone bench and sat up, not wanting to attract any unwanted attention.'
  9. 'Furniture takes the form of either long, low timber benches, or blond wood chairs, equipped with kneelers.'
  10. 'And because young children climb, never put a chair, sofa, bench or even a bookcase near such a window.'
A long work table in a workshop or laboratory.
  1. 'I was working at the bench in the microbiology laboratory of our city's largest hospital.'
  2. 'By 1957 the laboratory benches had become so crowded that a cleanup had to be instituted.'
  3. 'All procedures are superbly illustrated for use at the laboratory bench.'
  4. 'Literally within yards from my laboratory bench, I have had the opportunity to catch sight of the workings of nature.'
  5. 'Alex had silently walked behind the lady on the laboratory benches, his feet lifting carefully over drying beakers and past a chemistry set.'
  6. 'I bought a plain old mechanic's bench vise and bolted it to my garage workbench.'
  7. 'These two aqueous formulations were kept in clear bottles on a laboratory bench under normal laboratory lighting conditions.'
  8. 'They either trade or they place trays of good specimens on the benches around the laboratory.'
  9. 'This street-roof is studded with glass lenses that shine daylight down to laboratory benches below.'
  10. 'The laboratory instruments are quite easily positioned on lower tables or benches for me to use from a wheelchair.'
  11. 'My work over forty years at the laboratory bench has all been in fundamental immunology.'
  12. 'The leaves were saturated with water and different degrees of water deficits were adjusted by exposing the leaves to transpirational water loss on the laboratory bench.'
  13. 'Later, the new hires will take their places next to their ARS mentors at the laboratory benches.'
A judge's seat in a law court.
  1. 'He stared intently at the magistrates' bench and his defence solicitor throughout the case and spoke only to confirm his name and address.'
  2. 'The mock-up design featured access by ramps to all raised spaces, including the judge's bench, witness stand, jury box, and clerk stations.'
  3. 'In an unprecedented move Magistrate Nicholas got up from the bench and sat at the bar table with the witness and the accused.'
  4. 'From 1982 to 1987, he took the bench as a Hamilton County Common Pleas Court judge.'
  5. 'Such a wage level is needed to maintain the independence of the judiciary and also to attract skilled jurists to the bench, they argue.'
  6. 'Motheral left the bench shortly after she presided over the controversial case last August involving then-State Rep.'
  7. 'Before joining the bench, the Judge was a law professor who was well known for his erudite criticism of legalized abortion.'
  8. 'University law teachers and legal executives may be considered for the bench, he will tell the Woman Lawyer Forum in London.'
  9. 'However, there are some people who move from the academic field to practice or the bench.'
  10. 'They attended Salford Magistrates Court and persuaded the bench to throw out the council's application.'
  11. 'Another bench of Magistrates may, reasonable and rationally, have reached the decision that the appeal should have been dismissed.'
  12. 'Magistrates threw out this appeal in October, but objectors are currently considering taking the bench's decision to judicial review at the High Court.'
  13. 'Botha granted her leave to appeal against her conviction and she will be back in court before a full bench of three judges next year.'
  14. 'A petition questioning the controversial appeal decision was upheld by a three judge bench of the Supreme Court in mid December 2002.'
  15. 'Why not arrange that two of the five judges on the initial bench will be overseas judges with commercial experience?'
  16. 'He was committed in custody for sentence to Burnley Crown Court after the bench said the theft merited custody.'
  17. 'In a majority decision, the full bench of the Supreme Court quashed the previous suspended sentence.'
  18. 'In a written decision following the two day hearing the tribunal bench unanimously backed her claim for unfair dismissal.'
  19. 'Scotland's Lord Justice General recently presided over the bench of five senior judges who heard and ruled on the Lockerbie appeal.'
A long seat in Parliament for politicians of a specified party.
  1. 'The National Assembly now has five new political parties on its benches.'
  2. 'To achieve this, a precondition is that we should have greater diversity on our Parliamentary benches and in our Party as a whole.'
  3. 'He wants to win friends on the Labour back benches and among the party rank-and-file by appearing to be the champion of the poor.'
  4. 'As an MP his oratorical powers and capacity for mastering legislative detail made him the outstanding parliamentarian on the Labour bench.'
  5. 'Yet in a global war, Churchill's coalition government faced not just open rebellion but open contempt from senior parliamentarians on both benches.'
  6. 'The leader's long goodbye has left too many idle hands on the Tory benches and in the party at large.'
  7. 'Britain's governing Labour Party had a record number of women on its parliamentary benches.'
  8. 'Opposition to the government comes from the parties that sit on the Opposition benches in Parliament.'
  9. 'Over there on the Opposition benches is a National Party that has no real purpose.'
  10. 'We here on the National Party benches do not actually have a great deal of problem with that.'
  11. 'the pledge that was given by the Opposition benches yesterday'
  12. 'The Labour leadership has badly let down its back benches and the electorate by undoing its accomplished manifesto promise, now they stand for nothing.'
  13. 'I understand where he is coming from and his very firm view, supported by the Opposition Bench, that the Government cannot at this stage accept that M85 should be discarded.'
A seat at the side of a sports field for coaches, substitutes, and players not taking part in a game.
  1. 'Glasgow-born Haining had figured in just three previous senior outings after coming off the bench as a substitute.'
  2. 'Then it was back to the bench for big games at Tottenham and Olympiakos.'
  3. 'Right now, he is the first or second player off the bench.'
  4. 'The players and coaches jumped off the bench and began running out to the field to join their team in celebration.'
  5. 'In the first 19 games, Jackson didn't make it off the bench in seven games and never played more than 18 minutes.'
  6. 'Unlike Northampton they couldn't call even better players off the bench to help out.'
  7. 'Which is to say, Jones watched the entire game from the bench.'
  8. 'Low-end players come off the bench as substitutes for starting or injured players.'
  9. 'With all of the starting spots filled, the Mariners may try to land a hitter who can share time in the outfield and come off the bench late in games.'
  10. 'Both players have watched the last two games from the bench, sidelined with muscle injuries.'
A flat ledge in masonry or on sloping ground.
  1. 'From the boxes to the benches high up the slope, the focus shifts from dinner to music as the concert begins.'
  2. 'The trail crosses onto the north side and continues downhill and east along the rocky bench above the creek.'


Exhibit (a dog) at a show.
  1. 'As he went, he noted that the dogs were benched in such a way that each breed had a section to itself.'
  2. 'About 850 dogs were benched under the canvas, many of them champions of their respective breeds.'
  3. 'In 1888, additional safeguards were added, with the requirement for a “duly qualified veterinary surgeon to be at every show,” and each dog entered had to be passed on by him before being benched, and again he had to inspect each dog before noon of each day the show was open.'
Withdraw (a sports player) from play.
  1. 'My eighth grade coach would have benched me for that much slapping, poking, and grabbing.'
  2. 'Just as a player is benched, cut, or fined for violations, officials should be held accountable more publicly.'
  3. 'Rumor has it that your basketball coach is benching you for the next few games?'
  4. 'His one basketball problem was a struggle to defend the pick-and-roll that forced coach Tom Izzo to bench him in early February.'
  5. 'You have a certain amount of discipline points for the year - with discipline always being a matter of benching a player.'
  6. 'At one point, coach Curt Fraser benched him for a game for poor defensive play.'
  7. 'Eight teams have benched their opening game quarterback, at least briefly.'
  8. 'Watch your team, switch starters and bench players to see what works.'
  9. 'And the Spurs are famously one of those teams that will bench players who don't play defense.'
  10. 'Inordinate frustration is another reason to bench the player.'
  1. 'If your rate of improvement thus far were projected 15 years down the road, you would be benching 1,400 pounds.'
  2. 'He watched the boy start benching about 145 pounds, and wondered how cool he would be if he benched more than that.'
  3. 'If you provide them both with four years of weight training, which one is mostly likely to be able to bench 250 pounds when the program is over?'
  4. 'He used to bench 255 pounds, but by the end of the study, he was lifting an amazing 315 pounds!'
  5. 'He's got the long-hair, the ripped clothing, and he can bench 200 pounds.'

More definitions

1. a long seat for several persons: a bench in the park.

2. a seat occupied by an official, especially a judge.

3. such a seat as a symbol of the office and dignity of an individual judge or the judiciary.

4. the office or dignity of various other officials, or the officials themselves.

5. Sports. the seat on which the players of a team sit during a game while not playing. thequality and number of the players of a team who are usually used as substitutes: A weak bench hurt their cha

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"seats can be bench."

"conferences can be bench."


Old English benc, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch bank and German Bank, also to bank.


on the bench