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Dearly loved.
  1. 'He returns home to find out that his beloved daughter wants to go to boarding school.'
  2. 'She could not bear to think that her beloved son might suffer dreadfully just because she was not able to stop smoking.'
  3. 'Ties are broken with beloved grandparents and aunts and uncles on one side of the family.'
  4. 'As in any beloved regional recipe, the ingredients vary from cook to cook.'
  5. 'Timpson said he wanted to retire back to his beloved Norfolk to write about the county and Country he loved so much.'
  6. 'Admire the two very belated Birthday cards and the pictures of my dearly beloved and much missed Labrador dog!'
  7. 'He enjoyed the farming way of life with his beloved wife Miriam and their four sons.'
  8. 'At the time, Rosen says he could not possibly have thought that anything was worse than losing his beloved son.'
  9. 'He denied that he was in any pain or that there was anything wrong with his children or beloved grandchildren.'
  10. 'Michael's beloved bike is blue at the front and silver at the back, with red writing across.'
  11. 'the stark council estates beloved of town planners in the 1960s'
  12. 'From the outset, we get the kind of writing beloved of a certain kind of creative writing teacher: the kind you can pluck out and quote admiringly.'
  13. 'She was much beloved of many here, although unionists had many problems with her irreverence and perceived sympathy for Irish nationalism.'
  14. 'He was beloved by the Palestinians, all flaws included, because he created their identity and nationality out of what had previously been simply a horde of unwanted refugees.'
  15. 'Young and old, British and foreign, - all were anxious to say goodbye to the lady who was perhaps the most beloved of all the royals.'
  16. 'Forte is a very popular figure in city government, seemingly beloved by every local politician in sight.'
  17. 'It is in America that the gridiron streetplan beloved of countless utopians has had its most rampant expression.'
  18. 'He was a man of independent thought who formed his own opinions and was not a man to be swayed by the suave takers so beloved of some television shows.'
  19. 'Fitzgerald is perhaps the most beloved of the celebrated early - 20 th-century literary boozehounds.'
  20. 'Ike entered office as a military hero, beloved by many Americans.'
  21. 'In 1995, it cost £1 to sequence the DNA of Caenorhabditis elegans, a worm beloved of molecular biologists.'


A much loved person.
  1. 'In the process, she lost her beloved as well as her freedom, and embraced Buddhism.'
  2. 'I stood in the middle of the reception hall, and, wrapped up by my beloved, I sobbed.'
  3. 'After three long years had passed Alban finally decided he would go himself and learn the fate of his beloved.'
  4. 'Yes, thought Alicia, glancing at her twin and his beloved, America would be good for them.'
  5. 'My dearly beloved has always driven whatever car he craved at the time.'
  6. 'Krista sat in the front and Emid held the rains in one hand and his beloved firmly in the other.'
  7. 'The one time we did go away, we went to a small town in the nearby county of Suffolk, to visit my beloved's family.'
  8. 'Just this last class and he was free to go for the day, free to go home to his beloved.'
  9. 'He was going to be trapped in his prison for the rest of eternity, and would never see his beloved again.'
  10. 'He was angry that this random demon was trying to get in the way of him and his beloved.'


1. greatly loved; dear to the heart. noun

2. a person who is greatly loved.

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"youths can be beloved by moons."

"people can be beloved in/at/on hacks."

"people can be beloved of rocks."

"people can be beloved by somes."

"people can be beloved by publics."

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Late Middle English: past participle of obsolete belove ‘be pleasing’, later ‘love’.