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A hollow metal object, typically in the shape of a deep inverted cup widening at the lip, that sounds a clear musical note when struck, especially by means of a clapper inside.
  1. 'a bell tinkled as he went in the shop'
  2. 'Those clanging bells reminded me of another vendor who used to make similar rounds in the neighbourhood.'
  3. 'The story goes that a large bell was tolled whenever the soup was prepared.'
  4. 'The whole is accompanied by a ghostly, premonitory sound of deep tolling bells.'
  5. 'It wasn't a bright sound like most bells, but more hollow and deep.'
  6. 'He often chimed the bells himself before service.'
  7. 'Some 300 others stood outside, laying wreaths at the old iron gates where a bell ringer tolled sorrowful notes from a small bell.'
  8. 'It had a steepled roof with a weathervane at the top of the steeple and a brass bell tucked within the open wooden tower.'
  9. 'Three hundred and forty years earlier another bell ringer described his fear that the bell or the church tower would fall on top of him.'
  10. 'At midnight, the bells would chime across the city, town or village.'
  11. 'He partook of a leisurely breakfast, and set off to the sound of church bells in the clear air.'
  12. 'a bicycle bell'
  13. 'The final bell has just rung and we're free, free to party, sleep, or study.'
  14. 'The warning bell rang signaling two minutes before their next class.'
  15. 'After a few minutes of listening to the mindless chatter of my peers, the bell rang, signaling the movement of the student body to first period.'
  16. 'It is in very good condition, and has a very loud bell.'
  17. 'When the school bell rang, she snuck quickly out and made her way to the rack where her bicycle waited.'
  18. 'Just as I was about to answer, the shrill school bell sounded throughout the halls.'
  19. 'She had pressed the bell indicating that she wanted the bus to halt at the next stop where she would disembark.'
  20. 'Carter throws me a menacing look, but is unable to follow up with a threatening comment, because the bell has just rung.'
  21. 'He strikes the bike bell, and rolls away, the sound of the squeaky wheel dominating.'
  22. 'The warning bell for dinner rang, signaling for the household to start getting ready for dinner.'
  23. 'Johnson needed the judges help too, because there was no way the fight would end between first and final bell.'
  24. 'Harrison could well have finished it but the bell intervened to his opponent's relief.'
  25. 'He looked as if he was going to eke out another methodical round until the two fighters clashed heads just seconds before the bell.'
  26. 'At the bell, he attacked and kept firing until the ref called a halt.'
  27. 'Barkley charged out of his corner at the bell for the third round and backed Hearns into a corner.'
  28. 'Two minutes after the bell for round one, Liston was the new undisputed champ.'
  29. 'Right before the bell for the first round the anticipation was high.'
  30. 'By the fifth round, he had a point deducted for hitting after the bell.'
  31. 'He struggled to his corner as the bell had already ended the round.'
  32. 'Referee Tony Perez reached five in the count and the bell couldn't save Ellis.'
A bell-shaped object or part of something.
  1. 'He made me an unbelievable trumpet with carvings and designs and a big double bell, like a space-age trumpet.'
  2. 'Researchers in Germany have been looking carefully at the after glow of the big bang and have decided that the universe is shaped like a trumpet bell.'
  3. 'The citron yellow or red tinged flowers are also worth having, hanging bells on tall stalks that dance in the wind and give way to upright seed heads for autumn interest.'
  4. 'Flowers are borne on long thin stalks - tiny white bells that do not do any justice to the lovely plant.'
  5. 'Salvia confertiflora is a half-hardy salvia with delicate orange bells along its stem.'
A musical instrument consisting of a set of metal tubes of different lengths, suspended in a frame and played by being struck with a hammer.
  1. 'The bells in the final movement are much more forward and eerie.'
  2. 'Working with sampled bells, gongs and prepared piano, he then uses electronic equipment to process this first layer and continues to build up his compositions.'
(preceded by a numeral) the time as indicated every half hour of a watch by the striking of the ship's bell one to eight times.
  1. 'Hornblower left the first watch at four bells, entered the cabin, and sat writing in the log by the light of a single candle and the ceiling lantern.'
  2. 'Eight bells brought him back from the run before the wind.'


Provide with a bell or bells.
  1. 'She readjusted her jingling belled hat.'
  2. 'He tilted his head, his belled hat jingling faintly, when the king just sputtered, red-faced, instead of answering his question.'
Make a ringing sound likened to that of a bell.
  1. 'no problem, I'll bell her tomorrow'
  2. 'I'll bell you or you bell me tonight about arrangements for tomorrow.'
Spread outwards like the lip of a bell.
  1. 'A maroon, silk ribbon tied right below her elbow where more sheer fabric belled out right above her wrist.'
  2. 'well if not a peasant top has belled sleeves and nothing goes on the shoulders or around the neck.'
  3. 'The sleeves were belled, and it all sparkled as if enchanted.'
  4. 'He was wearing a red V-neck shirt with long sleeves that belled out near the hands, white jeans, and black slip-on shoes with thick white socks.'
  5. 'The dress was very elegant with long, belled sleeves and a golden rope for a belt.'
  6. 'It had a low neckline and a skirt that was slightly belled.'
  7. 'The top was very tight fitting, with a skirt that belled out at the waist.'
  8. 'Adjust the expander die to bell the mouth just enough to allow a bullet to start cleanly and case life will be extended considerably.'
  9. 'The sleeves were long and belled out slightly at the wrists.'
  10. 'Although I couldn't move my head, I knew that the walls of the rift belled out beneath me and narrowed above, forming the tightest part of the rift.'

proper noun

A city in south-western California, south-east of Los Angeles; population 36,657 (est. 2008).

    proper noun

    Currer, Ellis, and Acton, the pseudonyms used by Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Brontë.

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      1. a hollow instrument of cast metal, typically cup-shaped with a flaring mouth, suspended from the vertex and rung by the strokes of a clapper, hammer, or the like.

      2. the stroke or sound of such an instrument: We rose at the bell.

      3. anything in the form of a bell.

      4. the large end of a funnel, or the end of a pipe, tube, or any musical wind instrument, when its edge is turned out and enlarged.

      5. Architecture. the underlying part of a foliated capital.

      6. Nautical. any of the ha

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      "wills can be bell."

      "plates can be bell."


      (bell)Old English belle, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch bel, and perhaps to bell.


      bell the cat
      bells and whistles
      be saved by the bell
      (as) clear (or sound) as a bell
      give someone a bell
      ring a bell
      with bells on