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Influenced by the drinking of beer in large amounts.
  1. 'The event was a humdinger of a house-warming, with sublime moments and a mood that veered between a classical music concert and a beery knees-up at a wedding.'
  2. 'A cause for the annual eruption of beery national pride in much of the country, except, of course, here.'
  3. 'Every space along the route was packed with people - office workers, beery rugger types, cheering pensioners and schoolchildren who really should have been elsewhere.'
  4. 'A couple of beery city boys with no rhythm have latched onto a couple of drunk reggae girls.'
  5. 'The sinister imagery is hard to reconcile with the contemporary city, with its multiracial population and beery, welcoming atmosphere.'
  6. 'The rest of the night was nothing but a beery blur.'
  7. 'I wonder if the sight of that piece of molded plastic ramps up in you the same welter of blurry, beery, hormonal reminiscences that it does in me.'
  8. 'For a taste of beery revelry Australian style, all you have to do is linger until late.'
  9. 'In the middle of this smoky, beery evening, a tall, lanky figure walks onstage wearing a grotesque hare-lipped mask.'
  10. 'I'm often at my sarcastic best with a beery head on me at 9am in the morning.'
Smelling or tasting of beer.
  1. 'I can't make it out but his beery breath scores a direct hit to the nostrils.'
  2. 'He was breathing beery breath into the ear of Steve.'
  3. 'He is swapping the bright lights and wobbly props of the TV studio for the blood-shot eyes and beery breath of a live audience.'


1. of, like, or abounding in beer: a stale, beery smell.

2. affected by or suggestive of beer: beery exuberance; beery breath.

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