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    Having been defeated.
    1. 'They looked a beaten team from the moment Conor Moran struck for Mayo's opening goal on the quarter hour mark.'
    2. 'Down and out as a beaten finalist in Paris four years ago, Ronaldo's revival as the world's most deadly striker was sealed by two second half strikes.'
    3. 'Ballymote, last year's beaten finalists, have a Saturday evening clash against Mullinabreena-Coolaney.'
    4. 'At Potsdam, Patricia was a beaten finalist in the 100m and 200m races and unfortunately just missed out on the bronze medal, by one tenth of a second.'
    5. 'The Baroness, a beaten favourite in a selling race on her latest start at Lingfield, is my Nap selection to recover losses by winning the J Cheever Loophole Handicap over six furlongs.'
    6. 'The four ties which were played as the long haul to the final in Glasgow in June began saw last year's beaten finalists, Kyles, ejected from the tournament at the first hurdle.'
    7. 'Last year's beaten finalists, Westport will also be looking to gain some silverware this year.'
    8. 'This score brought the beaten county finalists to within five points of Harps.'
    9. 'Although Karanja was a beaten favourite on that occasion, he lost no marks in defeat and there is every reason to believe that, with that outing under his belt, he can go one better here.'
    10. 'The beaten Grand Finalists are trying to put together a financial package that would keep around 15 players on full-time contracts.'
    11. 'he sat feeling old and beaten'
    Having been beaten or struck.
    1. 'The Gatekeeper averted his eyes guiltily, like a beaten dog.'
    2. 'The beaten workers were among 57 who went on strike against the Han Young factory in 1998.'
    3. 'A few boys were running breakneck for the street like beaten dogs.'
    (of food) stirred vigorously to a uniform consistency.
    1. 'Squeeze out the excess liquid with your hands and add the beaten egg, salt, flour, parsley and thyme leaves, mixing well.'
    2. 'When the mixture has completely cooled, stir in the beaten egg and season with the salt and pepper.'
    3. 'Fold the white sauce gently but thoroughly into the beaten egg whites, using a flexible spatula.'
    4. 'Ostrich eggs are rich, with a yellowy yolk that lends itself wonderfully to cakes - though at 3.5lbs of beaten liquid in each egg, you'd have to be baking for a crowd.'
    5. 'Finally, dip the meat covered egg in beaten egg before coating in breadcrumbs and plunging into the deep fat fryer until golden brown.'
    6. 'Add the beaten egg and cheese, stir until thoroughly combined and season to taste.'
    7. 'Prepare the flour and the beaten egg in separate shallow containers.'
    8. 'Sometimes the mother also sends down a bundle of savoury channa and beaten rice.'
    9. 'Have three dishes ready with seasoned flour, beaten egg and breadcrumbs.'
    10. 'Now tip the white sauce into the beaten egg white and fold in carefully, either using a silver spoon or not using a silver spoon.'
    11. 'beaten copper coffee tables'
    12. 'He brought a beaten piece of hot metal over to the bucket of water and stuck it in.'
    13. 'I was very taken with Vivienne's stall with the polished and hand beaten stainless steel platters, and the correct cheese knife.'
    14. 'Like they did yesterday when I saw a wonderful old beaten copper tray in a junk shop.'
    15. 'In order to avoid the risk and expense of casting in bronze a method was devised in the 18th century of making these large statues of beaten copper.'
    16. 'It was an impressive sight, gleaming with the burnished sheen of beaten bronze and flashing green marble.'
    17. 'The large house boasted a cavernous kitchen, its stylish stove embossed with beaten metal designs and studded with turquoise.'
    18. 'The outside is smoked glass decorated with a swirling pattern made from what looks like beaten copper.'
    19. 'The paint has chipped and flaked away, revealing the beaten silver metal beneath.'
    20. 'Ky nodded, and pulled out a beaten coin - a copper coin, not wood, I think.'
    21. 'Her glistening black hair was encircled by a crown of animal figures carved from lapis lazuli intertwined and connected by vines and leaves of knotted beaten copper.'
    22. 'Indian sweets are traditionally decorated with a very thin layer of beaten silver.'
    23. 'They combined apricots, raisins and almonds in meat dishes, which were extravagantly embellished with cream and thin sheets or beaten gold and silver foil.'
    (of a path) well trodden; much used.
    1. 'In any city, straying from the beaten path pays off.'
    2. 'I know he's said I should swing by the studio, but it's not exactly on the beaten path for me.'
    3. 'If you are ready to leave the beaten path, this left-field route is exciting, challenging and occasionally eye-opening.'
    4. 'She attributes all this to her refusal to travel the beaten path.'
    5. 'Unlike most Hindi films, where the heroine is relegated to looking pretty, this movie follows the less beaten path of strong women oriented films.'
    6. 'Something I know for sure is that I won't take the beaten path.'
    7. 'Off any beaten path in Newfoundland are such remnants, gone but not necessarily forgotten.'
    8. 'Seriously off the beaten path, getting to Petrela requires a sturdy Jeep or Landcruiser.'
    9. 'It began as a buffalo trace before conflict between Native Americans and early settlers transformed it into a beaten path.'
    10. 'Ironically, Lonely Planet was founded to avoid exactly this sort of conjunction where everyone travels along the beaten path.'


    1. formed or shaped by blows; hammered: a dish of beaten brass.

    2. much trodden; commonly used: a beaten path.

    3. defeated; vanquished; thwarted.

    4. overcome by exhaustion; fatigued by hard work, intense activity, etc.

    5. (of food) whipped up, pounded, pulverized, or the like: adding three beaten eggs. Idioms

    6. off the beaten track / path, novel; uncommon; out of the ordinary: a tiny shop that was off the beaten track.

    More examples(as adjective)

    "murderers can be beaten to deaths."

    "spanishs can be beaten by roosts."

    "places can be beaten to deaths."

    "people can be beaten to deaths."

    "people can be beaten in capitals."

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    off the beaten track (or path)