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A person or thing that carries or holds something.
  1. figurative 'I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings'
  2. 'The hereditary banner bearers would carry the Lyon Standard and the Saltire.'
  3. 'The African tradition of killing the bearers of bad tidings has always been strong in the ANC.'
  4. 'Thus, in reality the appellation ‘Ebionites’ was one its bearers carried with pride because it referred to their eschewal of luxury and worldliness.'
  5. 'If there was overoptimism, to what extent was it shaped by a White House intolerant of bearers of bad tidings?'
  6. 'The idea of involving my wife in this little spat that they're having with me because I was the bearer of bad tidings was neither honorable or dignified, quite apart from whether it was legal or illegal.'
  7. 'The procession was preceded with the cross bearers carried by the altar servers.'
  8. 'A trumpeter from the force played the Last Post and two flag bearers carried the Union flag and the ceremonial flag.'
  9. 'Sir Bobby Charlton and George Best were among VIPs holding the hi-tech baton, flanked by flag bearers carrying the flags of the Commonwealth nations.'
  10. 'In each three-man team, the gunner carries the launcher and tripod as a backpack, and the two bearers each carry two launch tubes as backpacks.'
  11. 'The ofo can be used to prove the innocence of the bearer and can be carried to meetings in a leather bag, where it may receive libations.'
  12. 'Each step of the last leg was a drudging journey, the heavy camera bearing down on the bearer's back.'
  13. 'Then last year came his trip to Makalu: this time a much smaller expedition, just six Europeans and some Sherpas bearers.'
  14. 'The professional ivory hunter generally carried his large medium-bore rifle while on foot and had his gun bearer carry the heavy rifle.'
  15. 'No member of the Governing Council could step out without at least 20 in his train, and even at home, four silver-stick bearers heralded every move from room to room.'
  16. 'In an rather filmi scene, a nervous Sonali walked out looking straight ahead as people screamed ‘Sonali’ and the rose bearers tried to thrust their now-wilted flowers at her.'
  17. 'The gifts carried by a group of courtiers ‘disappeared’, got deleted, leaving blanks for the bearers to carry.'
  18. 'Regulars to these places have their pet combinations too and such is the kind of service here that often the bearer will automatically place your ‘regular’ order even as you find your seat.'
  19. 'The duties of a ward boy, also called bearers, include caring of patients and shifting them for tests to different wards and clinics in the hospital.'
  20. 'The bearer sitting on a stool by the door could not even begin to stop him.'
  21. 'Jyotiraditya Scindia held forth expansively to Barkha Dutt over a multi-course breakfast with a bearer hovering.'
  22. 'The cicadas have fallen silent by the time the bearer serves you tea; because it isn't yet dawn, the birds are still nesting.'
  23. 'The guests were taken on a walk around the Court buildings, and had a good lunch, brought from home in large tiffin carriers by Mrs. CJ and served by white-uniformed bearers.'
  24. 'As we sit inside one of the Japanese Tea pavilions on austerely placed wooden slats with just a wedge of cushioning, a bearer walks across the narrow ledge between the lily ponds.'
  25. 'Both parents are serving police officers in Swindon, and Chrissy's father, 30, was among the coffin bearers.'
  26. 'The cairns you see along the way were once used for supporting the coffin while the bearers took a well-earned rest.'
  27. 'A slow drumbeat accompanied them as the groups of six coffin bearers and one escort, all from the units of the dead men, lined up to await the coffins, each draped in the Union Flag.'
  28. 'Members of the club formed a guard of honour at his funeral on both days and six members acted as poll bearers carrying his coffin to the church.'
  29. 'Personnel were divided up into the tasks of ceremonial coffin bearers, street liners, ushers for the chapel, car door openers, gun carriage crew and general working hands.'
  30. 'The Councillor was in charge of the guard of honour and coffin bearers.'
  31. 'Slowly, with enthusiasm that would put coffin bearers to shame, he moved past the poster cases, making nothing of the garish imagery and loud print.'
  32. 'Coffin bearers carry the remains of an Australian soldier who died during the Battle of Lys on April 14, 1918.'
A person who presents a cheque or other order to pay money.
  1. 'An installment receipt is a corporate security that represents a share held by the bearer but only partially paid for.'
  2. 'The catch is that this paper is redeemable, meaning that at some future point it matures and then it must either be paid back, with the discount, to the bearer of that coupon.'
  3. 'The coupon entitles the bearer and up to three travel companions to a 10% discount off any published airfare.'
  4. 'The provision does not assume that, if in its original tenor the cheque is payable to bearer, it cannot be changed to an order instrument by a special indorsement.'
  5. 'bearer bonds'
  6. 'This is because English law treats both share certificates to bearer and bearer debt securities as negotiable instruments.'
  7. 'You can create these wonderful things called bearer shares, which can be essentially two pieces of paper, two shares in a company, and whoever holds those two shares owns the company.'
  8. 'If you lose a security in bearer form, there is no way to retrieve it - the person who finds it is the proud new owner of your stock.'
  9. 'However, pledges of documents of title and of bearer bonds are excluded from most of the statutory requirements.'
  10. 'It turned out that a lot of assets had been liquidated and turned into bearer bonds, but these have never been located, and his joint account was cleaned out just after he disappeared.'
  11. 'The owner is said to have put unreported income in bank deposits or used it to buy bearer bonds.'
  12. 'Customs officers can seize cash, and cash includes cash equivalents, including bearer bonds, gemstones, money orders, postal notes, precious metals, and travellers cheques.'
  13. 'Government has recently extended the expiry date of the bearer's cheque to December 2004 as it battles to ease cash crisis.'
  14. 'Two bearer shares were allocated to Hemery and then transferred to trusts of which the two appellants and Baber were settlors.'
  15. 'In fact, no such bearer certificate of deposit was ever obtained, but the moneys were released in circumstances in which it was held that both the Perpetual companies and Minters were acting in breach of trust.'

More definitions

1. a person or thing that carries, upholds, or brings: dozens of bearers on the safari.

2. the person who presents an order for money or goods: Pay to the bearer.

3. a tree or plant that yields fruit or flowers.

4. the holder of rank or office; incumbent.

5. pallbearer.

6. (especially in India) a native boy or man employed as a personal or household servant.

7. Printing. furniture (def 4). one of several strips of metal fitted at the sides of a plate for support during inking

More examples(as adjective)

"shares can be bearer."

"stocks can be bearer."