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An edible seed, typically kidney-shaped, growing in long pods on certain leguminous plants.
  1. 'beans on toast'
  2. 'She returned a few minutes later with some boiled yam, an onion and tomato sauce, fried plantain and a bean casserole.'
  3. 'In another experiment, bean plants grown from seed given increasing fractions of heavy water showed stunted growth compared with control plants given normal water.'
  4. 'All of the organic grains - wheat, spelt, dry edible beans - are big on the international market now.'
  5. 'They speak Quechua, the language of the Incas, herd alpaca and llamas and grow potatoes and beans, which they trade with their lowland neighbours for corn.'
  6. 'Prior to this face saving embrace of bona fide produce, I considered potatoes and red beans the only edible vegetables.'
  7. 'It could be toast or a tin of beans, and we drink tea.'
  8. 'We went to Notcutts and bought some compost since my bean seedlings are growing into triffids and need planting out ASAP.'
  9. 'The beans are the seeds of the leguminous soybean plant.'
  10. 'The climate of the country allows beans to grow during most of the year, so they are a natural for inclusion in many dishes.'
  11. 'There are also shell beans (lima, navy, kidney, mung, garbanzo and soya) that you can grow just for the bean seeds inside the pod.'
  12. 'Fortunately, much of the copper is retained when the bean is processed into cocoa or chocolate.'
  13. 'For the best cup of coffee, grind the beans right before brewing.'
  14. 'Most of us buy vacuum-sealed packs of roasted beans or ready ground coffee from the supermarkets.'
  15. 'Everyone who talks about coffee focuses on the beans.'
  16. 'Meanwhile, 25 million coffee farmers are struggling to survive on the prices they are paid for the beans they grow.'
  17. 'Cacao beans, like coffee, need to be roasted to bring out their flavor.'
  18. 'This bean yields a thick coffee with the fragrance of walnuts.'
  19. 'Cocoa beans contain copper and most of the mineral remains preserved after the beans are processed into cocoa or chocolate.'
  20. 'When I drink the coffee from my café, I think about the Indians in Chiapas, Mexico, who grew the beans.'
  21. 'The tasters did note that coffee from blade-ground beans had less body than coffee from burr-ground beans.'
A leguminous plant that bears beans in pods.
  1. 'The first year I tried growing beans in an open field.'
  2. 'Hyacinth bean, a vigorous annual vine, can quickly cover an arbor during one season.'
  3. 'Like most edible crops, beans should always be rotated, the exceptions being tomatoes, asparagus and Jerusalem artichokes.'
  4. 'Yet, with the population explosion and reclaiming lands for cultivation, part of the forest has been converted to farmland to grow corn and beans.'
  5. 'These varieties differ from typical bean plants by growing over six feet tall and being late in maturity.'
  6. 'Examples include turf grass seed production, dry edible beans, white wheat, feeder pigs, and cattle for the natural beef market.'
  7. 'Martin, who grows sweet corn and beans, said that the fuel used in tractors has gone up by 2-3 cents a gallon just in the past month.'
  8. 'The height of the structure will depend on the bean variety you're growing, but allow about 6 feet for the vines.'
  9. 'One warning: do not plant near beans, caraway, tomatoes, coriander or wormwood-they do not work well together.'
A very small amount or nothing at all of something (used emphatically)
  1. 'When it comes to small businesses, the net profit doesn't mean beans because the seller is doing everything possible to keep this number low to avoid taxes.'
  2. 'There really isn't much to recycle in the ordinary light bulb, even the combination of glass and metal doesn't amount to beans.'
  3. 'Moravia that took her in and gave her a diploma as a social worker, even though she didn’t know beans about social work, or much else, for that matter.'
  4. 'I don't think Selina would even bid one bean for me.'
  5. 'I personally wouldn't spend a bean on Africa and nor would I vote for a party which made it a main plank of its manifesto.'
  6. 'Rumour has it he never spent a bean in his life.'
A person's head, especially when regarded as a source of common sense.
  1. 'Why doesn't Foley use his bean and draft legislation prohibiting tornadoes from entering or coming near to trailer parks?'
  2. 'You gotta use your bean to get this right so, as they say in the military, listen up.'


Hit (someone) on the head.
  1. 'During the fifth inning though she was beaned by the ball while the opponent was at bat.'
  2. 'They're still waiting, in part because his 1998 season was ruined when he was beaned at midseason, and then he struggled with his confidence.'
  3. 'Didn't see anything like that, though I was almost beaned by a falling pinecone.'
  4. 'About a week later, Passeau, while warming up before a game, and after enduring a torrent of abuse from Durocher, suddenly wheeled and fired the ball into the Dodger dugout, nearly beaning the Brooklyn manager.'
  5. 'I picked up the ball and pitched as hard as I could, beaning her square in the forehead.'
  6. 'Not two weeks ago I literally bumped into her at yoga: our mats were about twelve inches apart and we almost beaned each other rolling down out of supta konasana simultaneously.'
  7. 'Coincidentally or not, he was beaned the day after his record-setting production of 18 total bases by Clem Labine of the Dodgers.'
  8. 'Outfielder Joe Medwick, another Hall of Famer who played for the Cardinals and Brooklyn Dodgers, was never quite as fearsome a hitter after being beaned in 1940.'
  9. 'She hadn't been beaned in the head with anything either.'
  10. 'That felt better until a bunch of 12-year-olds started beaning me in the head with their tubes.'

More definitions

1. the edible nutritious seed of various plants of the legume family, especially of the genus Phaseolus.

2. a plant producing such seeds.

3. the pod of such a plant, especially when immature and eaten as a vegetable.

4. any of various other beanlike seeds or plants, as the coffee bean.

5. Slang. a person's head. a coin or a bank note considered as a coin: I can't pay for the ticket, I don't have a bean in my jeans.

6. British Informal. a minimum amount of money: They've been disin

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"producers can be bean."


Old English bēan, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch boon and German Bohne.


know how many beans make five
old bean