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A long, sturdy piece of squared timber or metal used to support the roof or floor of a building.
  1. 'the cottage boasts a wealth of exposed beams'
  2. 'A timber deck is supported on I beams which transfer its loads to the hoops.'
  3. 'These joists were the ceiling beams for the first floor great room.'
  4. 'The first scene set in the interior of the shop uses the tiled floor and roof beams to establish orthogonals and transversals.'
  5. 'The low, irregular ceiling is crisscrossed with beams made from ships' timbers and a log fire crackles merrily in the hearth.'
  6. 'This is fitted with white wall and floor units and an integrated oven, and has a pitched ceiling with exposed timber beams and an oak floor.'
  7. 'The smallest table measures three metres by four metres and can shake in any direction, simulating a quake and testing the movement of beams and columns.'
  8. 'But the deck doesn't flatten out because the horizontal beam underneath holds it in place.'
  9. 'Inside, a lofty ceiling with exposed beams helps keep the non-air-conditioned space well-ventilated.'
  10. 'The college is a big high building and it has very thick oak beams to support the ceiling.'
  11. 'The village pub dates back to the 15th century and the renovation sees its original oak beams and tiled floors on full display.'
  12. 'It transpired that the oak beam supporting the floor had collapsed.'
  13. 'This has a dark flagstone floor, exposed roof beams, a Stanley oil-fired range with a tiled backdrop and an attractive stone surround.'
  14. 'a compulsory set of exercises on floor, vault, bars, and beam'
  15. 'Her teammate was Maria's only real rival, but blew her chances with a fall from the beam.'
  16. 'On the beam, in the floor exercises and on the vault she demonstrated original elements for the first time in the world.'
  17. 'His final result of 39.025 could have been higher if it were not for an error in coming off the beam.'
  18. 'But bars and beam are both my strongest events, and they are less demanding on my back.'
  19. 'On beam, she missed valuable connections and removed some of her bonus elements for an 8.750.'
  20. 'Good in all exercises, but excels on the asymmetrical bars and the beam.'
  21. 'She showed great form, expressive dance and world class difficulty on bars and beam.'
  22. 'When the gymnast misses the beam the device instantly picks up the slack on the gym elastics, preventing her crashing to the ground.'
  23. 'Khorkina fell from bars and beam but managed a bronze medal on the floor exercise.'
  24. 'The team was impressive especially on beam where gymnasts after gymnast nailed difficult combinations.'
  25. 'the watertight skin and deck were put on over this framework of ribs and beams'
  26. 'It is mounted on a support beam under my rear deck.'
  27. 'I had never dived on a real pirate ship, and I imagined fully rigged masts, broad wooden beams, and a blonde-haired damsel gracing the bow of an eerie ghost ship.'
  28. 'The entire deck is supported by steel beams with a complete steel deck over the cabin and engineroom.'
  29. 'there was land in sight on the port beam'
  30. 'He was then told she was in sight on the starboard beam.'
  31. 'Just to Doremi's side a seagull was flying, keeping time with the ship as both moved north, with the sun to their starboard beam.'
  32. 'a cutter with a beam of 16 feet'
  33. 'She was constructed of teak and reported as being 84 tons, 56 feet in length and having a beam of 18 feet 6 inches.'
  34. 'She is one hundred and sixty eight feet in length, twenty four feet across the beam and weighs 330 tons.'
  35. 'With her three pearl white parallel hulls she had a 25-foot beam.'
  36. 'But Lycra isn't for everyone, especially anyone who is broad in the beam or self-conscious.'
  37. 'She is, at 53, shorter than you'd expect, broad in the beam and still so extravagantly beautiful she appears unreal.'
  38. 'Annick is, to use one of my mother's expressions, a little broad in the beam.'
  39. 'One of those bucks would have to have an inside spread, as measured by the greatest length between main antler beams, of at least 13 inches.'
  40. 'Because the main beam of a buck swoops to the rear and then juts forward, it can trick the eye.'
  41. 'To make one, use a hacksaw to sever a section of the main beam, and hollow out the softer center with a rotary rasp.'
  42. 'The original form of a weighing scale consisted of a beam with a fulcrum at its center.'
  43. 'The most usual Irish term for a balance in general, and also for the beam of a balance, was meadh [ma], which is the word in use at the present day.'
  44. 'During each revolution the top beam of the connecting rod goes from horizontal to an angle as the piston rods are in a fixed plane some means of extending the beam is required.'
  45. 'The two pistons are connected to the beam by a complicated formation of rods known as a parallel linkage which, as a consequence of careful geometric design, transmit power in an exact vertical line.'
  46. 'That the figure of this useful instrument may be more clearly understood, let us suppose a long massy beam of iron erected perpendicularly, at the lower end of which are two arms of equal thickness with the beam (usually called the shank).'
  47. 'The entire anchor sinks beam first into the ice.'
  48. 'The anchor is also slightly different, including the string that fouls the anchor reaching further up and crossing back the vertical beam of the anchor.'
  49. 'Through the beam there runs a wooden pole which serves to fasten the beam to the plough-body and share.'
  50. 'These were known as a crooked ploughs because the beam curved forwards to the draft animal.'
A ray or shaft of light.
  1. 'the torch beam dimmed perceptibly'
  2. 'I can remember trying a new, high-powered, high-voltage HID lamp with a very wide beam and ruining the night dive for all the other divers with me.'
  3. 'When he pressed a button on the phone, a wide blue beam shone on the pot and bucket.'
  4. 'Turning my torch on, I guide its beam towards the dock wall.'
  5. 'A small lantern may seem like an odd item to include on this list, but Reid said lantern light makes a blood trail much more visible than the direct beam of a flashlight.'
  6. 'By night, a beam of light at the base of the monument would illuminate the night sky'
  7. 'She saw the beam of light of the night watcher's flashlight turning from the corner, moving forward along the corridor towards her.'
  8. 'Distances even to the nearest star - it takes a beam of light four whole years - are bewilderingly large.'
  9. 'It throws a beam of light which is so powerful it could be seen from the moon.'
  10. 'It is a neutron star spinning just under 100 times per second and emitting regular radio pulses like a lighthouse beam.'
  11. 'Diana had to cover her eyes, one of the beams were centred right on her.'
  12. 'A second method for creating controlled nuclear fusion makes use of a laser beam or a beam of electrons or atoms.'
  13. 'The reason: the electrons in the beam are particles with mass.'
  14. 'In a Bose-Einstein condensate, a clump of atoms shares the same quantum wave function, just like the photons in a laser beam.'
  15. 'Operated by trained Customs staff, the scanners work by transmitting an X-ray beam at the target vehicle or container.'
  16. 'Designed much like a compound microscope, the electron microscope uses a beam of electrons focused through magnetic lenses.'
  17. 'When high-energy beams of radiation pass through the food, it damages the DNA of these microorganisms.'
  18. 'An optical communication system for transmitting multiple optical beams, each at a different wavelength is disclosed.'
  19. 'Depending on the atomic species, ion beams can be used to dope semiconductors even as they carve out circuit patterns.'
  20. 'When nanotubes were placed inside cells and radiated by the laser beam, the cells were quickly destroyed by the heat.'
  21. 'An aspect of the present invention includes a method for homogenizing a beam of electromagnetic radiation.'
  22. 'the detector simply pinpoints the radar beams that other ships transmit'
  23. 'The beams would guide a pilot to the airstrip, but in conditions of zero visibility, they did not provide altitude.'
  24. 'The unit installs at the transom and emits sonar beams that ‘look’ out to 240 feet on either side of the boat.'
  25. 'It is true that, in bad weather, radar beams can be reflected off waves, causing false echoes or making the screen unreadable.'
  26. 'Unfortunately, radar beam refraction over the lakes remains poorly understood.'
  27. 'Radar detectors do just what their name implies - they detect the radar beams that are emitted from a police officer or state trooper's radar guns.'
  28. 'This causes the upward-looking beam of an airport radar to be refracted downward so it is reflected off of autos, ships, and surface objects.'
  29. 'Not reflected sunlight, but reflected radar beams read by satellite, have given Antarctica new dimensions.'
  30. 'The radar system will also incorporate the agile beam steering capabilities developed for the APG - 77.'
  31. 'That's the radar beam actually shooting up through the eye of this storm.'
  32. 'Radar beams penetrated through Venus's thick cloud layers to reveal these surface images of both sides.'
A radiant or good-natured look or smile.
  1. '‘Morning ladies’ she greeted, still smiling with that I-can-do-no-wrong beam.'
  2. 'The baby was a tiny piece of heaven, always smiling his adorable toothless beam, and batting those long lashes as he reached out to touch everything.'
  3. 'The blond-haired boy bit his lip as a wide beam spread over his face.'


Transmit (a radio signal or broadcast) in a specified direction.
  1. 'In one experiment, Clementine beamed radio signals into shadowed craters near the Moon's south pole.'
  2. 'The microwave-based system operates on the basis of line-of-sight signals, whereby a signal is beamed from a mast to the receiver on the television set.'
  3. 'A global Christian organisation already beams a shortwave signal from transmitters just outside Kununurra.'
  4. 'The data is stored in the helmet after a hit and then beamed by radio waves to a computer on the sidelines.'
  5. 'The signals are then beamed back into space, and broadcast by three civilian geostationary satellites.'
  6. 'The moment will be beamed by satellite transmission to television and radio stations around the world.'
  7. 'A donated satellite truck will be parked outside, beaming daily newscasts into over 1 million homes.'
  8. 'The live coverage by the three channels, which experts estimate beams into tens of millions of Arab homes, plays a key role in shaping how this part of the world views a conflict.'
  9. 'A network of TV and radio stations beams its message across the airwaves.'
  10. 'The reading will be beamed by satellite to television and radio stations around the world.'
  11. 'mission controller, beam me up!'
  12. 'Himeko, I need you to beam us down to the Second Moon Base.'
  13. 'On the starship Enterprise, all Captain Kirk and his ‘Star Trek’ crew just have to signal Scottie the engineer to beam them up with the pull of a lever.'
  14. 'Kildare Town residents were bemused when a statue of Lord Edward Fitzgerald appeared in Market Square recently as if he appeared by magic or as if aliens had beamed him down.'
  15. 'Anyway, this bunch of geeks at ANU managed to do this thing, dreaming of Star Trek and Scotty beaming them up.'
  16. 'Up here you have to at least be waiting for the mother ship behind the comet to arrive in orbit, beam you up, and take you to the outer rim of the galaxy before people give you a second glance.'
  17. 'The team from the Starship Enterprise have been beamed down.'
  18. 'The Hudson is a hip hotel, the kind of place where the bar floor is lit from below and the showers look like they could beam you up.'
  19. 'Sailor Ensign Chino said that she was only able to beam us down in a deserted area just to the southeast of the city.'
(of a light or light source) shine brightly.
  1. 'Suddenly, a bright light beamed from the center of the tree, and a woman appeared before us.'
  2. 'For many people, external lighting seldom goes beyond a security light beaming down on the front garden to scare off intruders.'
  3. 'We continued our journey, more identical doors whipping by, the fluorescent lights beaming into my face before sweeping over the cart's roof.'
  4. 'Light suddenly beamed out as a door slammed against a wall from below her.'
  5. 'It was exhilarating to stand in the store, glaring fluorescent light beaming down upon hundreds of shiny cases, each one containing a story.'
  6. 'Sunlight beaming through large windows gleamed off the bright linoleum floor.'
  7. 'Suddenly, a bright light beamed on the werewolf's face, and it hid its eyes.'
  8. 'The light of the moon beamed down on them, illuminating the streets, not a single soul in sight to see the climax.'
  9. 'Shane blinked a few times to get used to the bright rays of sunshine beaming in through the window.'
  10. 'The floor shined from sunlight beaming in through the huge windows on the right side of the wall.'
Smile radiantly.
  1. 'On the other side, the statue of the late Al Waxman, King of Kensington, beams down on us with its ever-present smile.'
  2. 'Her voice was high pitched in anger, but it faded away once she caught a glimpse of that familiar smile beaming at her from the passenger seat of the car beside them.'
  3. 'A slow smile and a brisk hello as the stall owner beams at me.'
  4. 'They greeted him warmly, their smiles beaming without their make-up.'
  5. 'Tammy Armstrong sits in a café sipping coffee between ash blonde braids, a smile beaming across her face.'
  6. 'Grace was sitting at the wheel, beaming with a proud smile.'
  7. 'Philip flushes as Libbie beams with satisfaction.'
  8. 'The Parisian beamed with a big smile, before going back to join his friends at his own table.'
  9. 'Sharon always faces the latest crisis head on, picks herself up, dusts herself off, beams that adorable smile and goes on.'
  10. 'On Sunday at beer time he was beaming and all smiles.'
  11. 'So when Irfan Pathan beams that dazzling smile after taking yet another wicket for the India he so proudly represents, he fills my heart with more than cricketing pride.'
  12. 'the instructress beamed her approval'
  13. 'From somewhere beyond the majestic ceiling's painted clouds, Balanchine must have beamed approval.'
  14. 'Her smile beamed adoration, shining the glow of her affection upon her favorite son.'
  15. 'Akidan beamed her hate at Raymond in a single, evil glare.'
  16. 'The Barbie looked at her, every bit of its plastic smile beaming its approval.'
  17. 'She stood so confidently, her eyes and smile beaming some secret we may have shared.'
  18. 'For the first time since yesterday, Nazuna face formed a smile, and she beamed an incredulous look at Ryouseika's father.'
  19. 'When I approach to thank him for the dance, he clasps my hand and shakes it vigorously, beaming appreciation.'
  20. 'He waved at presspersons, beaming his inimitable smile.'
  21. 'Martina tries not to beam her pleasure too obviously.'

More definitions

1. any of various relatively long pieces of metal, wood, stone, etc., manufactured or shaped especially for use as rigid members or parts of structures or machines.

2. Building Trades. a horizontal bearing member, as a joist or lintel.

3. Engineering. a rigid member or structure supported at each end, subject to bending stresses from a direction perpendicular to its length.

4. Nautical. a horizontal structural member, usually transverse, for supporting the decks and flats of a vessel. t

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