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  1. 'Additionally, for the students, the potential stress of working with a new material or in a new technique is counterbalanced by the undiluted fun of trying to create a beaked bull or a jewel-encrusted woodpecker.'
  2. 'Common in the understory are chokecherry, beaked hazelnut, a wild rose, red baneberry, thimbleberry, and bracken.'
  3. 'Slowly its two tentacles appear, stretching almost lazily toward a shrimp until, with staggering speed, they shoot out to their full extent and grab the prey, pulling it back into a beaked mouth.'
  4. 'Flower buds of the native forest trees, however, open in a progression over a six-month span, starting in April with poplars, willows, alders, and beaked hazel and ending in October with witch hazel.'
  5. 'In addition, black oak, pignut hickory, white pine, and beaked hazelnut each contributed at least 5% importance to the community type.'
  6. 'Even this beaked bird, with even more direct evidence of feathers, is ‘dated’ to 135 million years, so older than its ‘feathered dinosaur’ ancestor.'
  7. 'The ornithomimids' beaked jaws were probably weak; it is thought that they may have been omnivorous, eating small animals and maybe some plant material.'
  8. 'This critically acclaimed slice of beaked life chronicles the fall and rise of Mark Bittner, a homeless San Franciscan who wrote a bestseller about the flock of talking birds that changed his life.'
  9. 'It would stand at least four meters tall, if it had enough room to stand comfortably in, its leathery gray skin was covered in patches of chitin, and its mouth was beaked.'


1. the bill of a bird; neb.

2. any similar horny mouthpart in other animals, as the turtle or duckbill.

3. anything beaklike or ending in a point, as the spout of a pitcher.

4. Slang. a person's nose.

5. Entomology. proboscis (def 3).

6. Botany. a narrowed or prolonged tip.

7. Nautical. (formerly) a metal or metal-sheathed projection from the bow of a warship, used to ram enemy vessels; ram; rostrum.

8. Typography. a serif on the arm of a character, as of a K. 9. Also called bird'

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"whales can be beaked."

"noses can be beaked."

"dinosaurs can be beaked."

"people can be beaked."

"heads can be beaked."

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