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(of a person's eyes) small, round, and gleaming.
  1. 'Fully awake and with the beady eyes that only the over consumption of coffee can bring, I still failed to notice the additional security we are supposed to be enjoying.'
  2. 'Now he rubs his beady eyes in sheer confusion at the wilfulness of his charges (ie, us), who simply refuse to listen to common sense anymore.'
  3. 'Careful brushstrokes detail a beady eye, feathers, beak and claws.'
  4. 'The blackbird in question is perched on a painted branch above the stairs, looking down with a beady eye on a mural which commemorates many of the Chip's staff and regulars.'
  5. 'Tall and gangly, with a long nose and beady eyes, he was self-conscious about his appearance and despaired of ever being loved.'
  6. 'Pretty girls glide on rollerskates under the beady eye of Isabel Vendle, an ageing single woman of means who promises to be some kind of Miss Haversham character.'
  7. 'It had extremely beady eyes and in our effort to scare it away we completely missed the object of this bird's desire. It was nothing other than a piece of bacon from one of the rolls.'
  8. 'Hanging around between the pylons were huge shoals of fish, seemingly unfazed by our presence, happy to let us swim by and follow us en masse with one beady eye.'
  9. 'We strolled half the length of the lake to locate a party of mallards, in a vain attempt to avoid catching the beady eyes of the Canada geese.'
  10. 'They have beady eyes, big noses and enormous pot bellies.'
  11. 'I shall certainly keep a beady eye on this development'
  12. 'What I did do, I noticed, was to keep a very beady eye on him from across the room: waiting to see what kind of man he fastened his attentions on this time.'
  13. 'She felt his beady little eyes staring down at her and his sly lips curved into a smile.'
  14. 'Emilia turned her around and fixed her with a beady stare.'
  15. 'She kept a beady eye and a tight rein on the media.'
  16. 'Not content with that, David has been keeping his beady eyes open for another bargain and today came across it.'
  17. 'It's far worse; they're simply tacky rip-off merchants with a beady eye for the good earner.'
  18. 'The redoubtable Mainland has kept a beady eye on proceedings at the George Street fringe venue for eight festivals, but feels it is about time to move on.'
  19. 'Even the emus are entrancing until they fix you with their beady stares.'
  20. 'The expression was taut, fiery even, and it seemed ready to pounce - - the eyes beady, observant.'
  21. 'Then I take off at a jog across the tilled field, carefully avoiding the search tower spotlights which sweep the area under the beady eye of the armed guards.'


1. beadlike; small, globular, and glittering: beady eyes.

2. covered with or full of beads.

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"eyes can be beady with worries."

"eyes can be beady."

"wings can be beady."

"stares can be beady."

"looks can be beady."

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