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A small piece of glass, stone, or similar material that is threaded with others to make a necklace or rosary or sewn on to fabric.
  1. as modifier 'rosary beads'
  2. as modifier 'a bead bracelet'
  3. 'Wealthy women might have a string of brightly coloured beads linking the two brooches across the chest.'
  4. 'He remembered that his mother had given him some prayer beads.'
  5. 'I found an inflatable pink backpack, a bead necklace and a giant bone on my walk, not all in the same place.'
  6. 'Local craft production included the manufacture of glass and stone beads, and extensive tin, bronze, and gold working.'
  7. 'We fingered our beads and said the second part of the Hail Mary or Our Father.'
  8. 'He deftly picks up different objects such as glass stones, beads and white metal piping and threads it aesthetically on a black cotton thread to make a necklace.'
  9. 'A pen case worn by the figure helps to identify the image as an author: a set of prayer beads in his left hand demonstrates his piety.'
  10. 'He lives amidst a dizzying array of objects: church fixtures, toys, beads, bottle caps, dolls' heads, icons, candles and dominoes.'
  11. 'A devout Catholic and mother of seven, she was holding her beloved rosary beads when the end came.'
  12. 'The excavators found Roman glass beads from a necklace and one gaming counter.'
A drop of a liquid on a surface.
  1. 'Seconds later, Mel was back with a towel to wipe salty beads of liquid away from Sam's face.'
  2. 'She stopped to wipe another bead of sweat from her forehead when a large shadow appeared and offered a little welcome relief from the sun.'
  3. 'Again this morning, beads of moisture on the windshield.'
  4. 'I was appreciating each bead of water that hit my body.'
  5. 'My home on Sunday became a place of carefree fun, little wet boys running to and fro, glistening beads of moisture running down their soft nubile chests.'
  6. 'The fog made tiny beads of moisture on the fine hairs of Theresa's mink as they walked from the parked car to Davies Symphony Hall.'
  7. 'He stood there holding it, examining its shimmering steel, the beads of moisture rolling off of it.'
  8. 'IT'S a freezing December day on the snow-covered mountains of Austria, but Darwen snowboarder Cindy Meller already has beads of perspiration on her forehead.'
  9. 'But once the pallbearers had executed their duties perfectly in the full gaze of the nation, their strained faces were clearly shown to be glistening with beads of perspiration.'
  10. 'Just standing in the dugout with the suit on, sweat rolled down my face, forming a seemingly huge bead at the end of my nose.'
  11. 'The cool humidity of the low hanging clouds forms beads of moisture on the surface of each stone.'
A small knob forming the foresight of a gun.
  1. 'He was in the bathroom, he said, when he noticed the red bead of an automatic weapon's sighting trained on him.'
  2. 'Bit-by-bit the bead of a gun sight assembled in her mind's eye and nestled between his thick eyebrows.'
The reinforced inner edge of a pneumatic tyre that grips the rim of the wheel.
  1. 'This refers to diameter of the metal ring, on which the bead of the tire rests.'
  2. 'And if you put Slime or another sealant in them, which I recommend, this lubricates the installation of the final few inches of bead as well.'
  3. 'This is the distance between the vertical edges of the rim where the tire bead seats.'
An ornamental plaster moulding resembling a string of beads or having a semicircular cross section.
  1. 'This is not practical for the beads on the vertical edges of the drawers.'
  2. 'Whether you attach the new section of corner bead with nails or screws, be sure its edges align perfectly with the existing bead.'
  3. 'If you can't pry out the nails without further damaging the wall, use the snips to cut the bead from around the nailheads.'


Decorate or cover with beads.
  1. 'The silk is beaded with tiny crystals that sparkle when the light catches them just right.'
  2. 'In the rules it says you can be a movie character and if they had spent 2 years on a heavily beaded costume they would probably also deserve to win.'
  3. 'While working for Dinnigan he was exposed to beaded fabrics from India, many of which were badly made.'
  4. 'Most of the time, he wisely kept a light touch with turquoise beading, trimming fresh white tweed coats and dresses with the stuff - and even won with a swingy beaded skirt worn with a delicate cashmere tank.'
  5. 'Intricately beaded handbags sit perfectly next to colourful, embroidered ‘kurtas’, with something to appeal to practically every taste.'
  6. 'Kimono night robes, Turkish peasant tops and embroidered, beaded skirts are just a few of the hot items that will be turning heads this season.'
  7. 'Also use sew-ins on vinyls, sequined or beaded fabrics, and those with a water- or stain-repellant finish.'
  8. 'Layer fringe and ribbon, different fringe lengths, or beaded and fabric trims.'
  9. 'She had the decency to cover herself with a brightly coloured, beaded shawl but it hardly helped.'
  10. 'These rectangular bags, usually beaded on one side only, appear to have developed just after 1850 with the introduction of seed beads.'
  11. 'A turquoise bracelet, a tropical-fish tank, a vest beaded with Elvis Presley's visage, canary eyes and sequin lips.'
  12. 'seashells beaded into belts'
  13. 'I know I am, having a dippy mother to call my very own and bead me things for my birthday.'
  14. 'An African Arts Week at Sunnymede Infants School, in Mons Avenue, saw children learn how to bead necklaces ready to dance to traditional music.'
Cover (a surface) with drops of moisture.
  1. 'For example, the film opens in a rainstorm and you can see every drop of water beading on Harry's jacket; later on, there's a night scene in which grain explodes from the screen.'
  2. 'Sweat beaded and fell from his brow like raindrops.'
  3. 'Like water beading on the surface of a freshly waxed car, the palladium formed granular clusters just a few nanometers across.'
  4. 'Sweat beaded on his forehead, and his shaking hands betrayed his feelings… He wanted to kill Jennifer, with every ounce of neural power in his mind.'
  5. 'Two glasses of iced tea sat on the counter, beaded with condensation.'
  6. 'Tanner felt sweat bead on his upper lip: he had to stay still.'
  7. '‘You'll end up in Hell,’ Vincent interrupted, forcing out his words as sweat beaded on his forehead.'
  8. 'Flowers with their petals recently beaded with rain drops have a unique appeal, the very epitome of freshness.'
  9. 'I started, beaded in a cold sweat, breathing hard.'
  10. 'Moisture is beaded on the windshield of the pick-up.'

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1. ornamented with or largely composed of beads: a beaded handbag.

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"lizards can be beaded."

"gowns can be beaded."

"dresses can be beaded."

"shells can be beaded."

"satins can be beaded."

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Old English gebed ‘prayer’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch bede and German Gebet, also to bid. Current senses derive from the use of a rosary, each bead representing a prayer.


draw (or get) a bead on
tell one's beads