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(in the southern US) a marshy outlet of a lake or river.
  1. 'Louisiana is known for its bayous and marshlands.'
  2. 'All water in Texas rivers, streams, bayous, reservoirs and other waterways is considered public water and available for legal use by anyone.'
  3. 'Northward, they prefer clear, weedy, glacial lakes - southward, they prefer weedy bayous.'
  4. 'Altogether, including its associated maze of bayous and cypress swamps, the lake covers fifty square miles.'
  5. 'But you will most likely find the exclusions section of your policy doesn't cover losses resulting from surface water, overflowing streams or bayous, waves, tidal water and the like.'
  6. 'In bayous and in cool rainforests, large lichens known as ‘old man's beard’ may often be seen hanging from the branches of trees.'
  7. 'Virtually all of his submissions were taken from the bayou country in southern Louisiana in foothold traps by fur trappers.'
  8. 'Rustic, self-sufficient country dwellers, Cajuns lived along the bayous and swamps of Louisiana for more than 200 years.'
  9. 'How much do you know about the South: the forests of the southern Appalachians, the swamps and bayous, the barrier islands, keys, and coral reefs?'
  10. 'Conversely, the back lakes, sloughs and bayous are reasonably protected, almost certain to hold pockets of calm, clear water.'

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1. a marshy arm, inlet, or outlet of a lake, river, etc., usually sluggish or stagnant.

2. any of various other often boggy and slow-moving or still bodies of water.

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"countries can be bayou."


Mid 18th century: from Louisiana French, from Choctaw bayuk.