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(of a sleeve) having a deep armhole and a tight cuff.
  1. 'She wears a thick flowery hairband, several clashing necklaces and a quite revolting hairy purple cardigan with batwing sleeves.'
  2. 'The batwing sleeves and big hair are decidedly frumpy, and there are too many far-fetched storylines about murdered bodyguards and unfeeling in-laws.'
  3. 'But ponchos and capes are back in vogue too as well as oversize batwing or kimono jumpers, and they should give us all a bit of a break from the trim, belted look.'
  4. 'The batwing shirt is popular for its easy style and flattering fit.'


1. formed, shaped, etc., like the wing of a bat.

2. (of a garment or part of a garment) resembling or conceived of as resembling the wing of a bat, as a loose long sleeve (batwing sleeve) having a deep armhole and a tight wrist.

More examples(as adjective)

"bombers can be batwing."

"sweaters can be batwing."

"ses can be batwing."