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The action of hitting with or using a bat, especially in cricket or baseball.
  1. 'He was seventh in overall batting, with an average of .324, and 10th in total trips to the plate with 623.'
  2. 'Ten men won the privilege of batting against baseball's all-time strikeouts king as part of a promotion for a candy bar.'
  3. 'Hit better in 20 minutes with the simple, systematic approach to batting!'
  4. 'In his first six Championship innings, for example, he plundered a century and three half-centuries while his batting in knockout cricket has been quite fantastic.'
  5. 'He led the American League in batting once, home runs once, assists three times and fielding twice, but never gained a stolen base title.'
  6. 'But the current batting and bowling averages give a clue as to some of the weaknesses which are partly responsible for their sorry plight.'
  7. 'He said it did not take a lot to adjust his batting to Test cricket from one-dayers.'
  8. 'Aaron and Ruth both won batting and RBI titles to go with their multiple home run crowns but never put together all three legs in one year.'
  9. 'Let's not forget that the Dodgers were also last in the N.L. in batting, on-base, and slugging averages as well as runs scored.'
  10. 'The likely replacement will be Scarborough's Rob Barlow, who offers a similar combination of leg-spin, sound batting and good fielding.'
  11. 'Australia made inroads into our batting'
  12. 'Stillington made major inroads into Harrogate's batting as they dismissed three home batsmen for ducks.'


Cotton wadding prepared in sheets for use in quilts.
  1. 'This cover protects the batting and decorative fabric because, over time, uncovered foam can create friction holes in these materials.'
  2. 'These washable, cuddly teddy bears, are stuffed with chopped clean fabric or batting and then placed in washable bags.'
  3. 'Trim excess material and batting with a sharp utility knife.'
  4. 'The coverlet sandwiches batting between the plain tablecloth and red-and-white-striped cotton fabric.'
  5. 'Cut several additional pieces of batting in graduated sizes, each slightly smaller than the previous.'
  6. 'The inner batting was purchased… as was the material for the back sheet.'
  7. 'For raised daisy centers, slip a small piece of batting or fleece under the center before stitching the layers together around the circle perimeter.'

More definitions

1. the act or manner of using a bat in a game of ball.

2. cotton, wool, or synthetic fibers in batts or sheets, used as filling for quilts or bedcovers.

More examples(as adjective)

"skippers can be batting."

"firsts can be batting."

"errors can be batting."