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Strike repeatedly with hard blows.
  1. 'It is rumoured that Maxine is battered to death by Hillman after she stumbles across his wicked attempt to kill Emily, played by Eileen Derbyshire, so he can get his hands on her house.'
  2. 'He was battered to death in his Islington home by his friend and companion, who then committed suicide.'
  3. 'An armed robber who battered a security guard repeatedly with a stick was yesterday jailed for eight and a half years.'
  4. 'The teenager was battered to the ground twice by the gang in an apparently unprovoked attack.'
  5. 'Indeed, it has been argued that in some cases where women kill a spouse or partner who has battered them, the elements of self-defence may be made out.'
  6. 'It had been hard and she had been battered, but she came thru it whole and complete.'
  7. 'Though I'd have to make sure I killed him with the first blow, because he'd batter me senseless if he got a chance to retaliate.'
  8. 'She bashed and battered the pole for a long time until at last, with a scream, she slashed across the pole with a strength that she did not know she had.'
  9. 'In the seventh and eighth rounds, Norton was beating and battering Ali all over the ring.'
  10. 'He writes that his mother was indeed a prostitute who abandoned him at the age of five and who was battered to death 37 years ago.'
  11. 'outrage at wife-battering and child abuse'
  12. 'Do all these cases of husband battering appear in court?'
  13. 'A Senior Government official in Nakonde has called on men to stop battering their wives and instead bring peace in their homes.'
  14. 'Women and children are sexually exploited when they are subjected to incest, rape, sexual harassment, battering, bride trafficking, pornography, and prostitution.'
  15. 'I spend most of my academic life researching the phenomenon of violence against women, specifically battering.'
  16. 'Under the plans, men and women would be automatically added to a new domestic violence register, available to the police, NHS and social services, if they were convicted of battering their partners.'
  17. 'They're not afraid to discuss tough social topics like wife battering, bride burnings, child abuse or the fact that Indian girls have the highest suicide rate.'
  18. 'For five years little children have been subject to abuse, neglect and battering.'
  19. 'There is no dearth of cases of wife battering victimizing women who have made a mark in their professions.'
  20. 'the film took a battering from critics'
  21. 'However, his smug self-confidence took a battering when Tudor won the Rounders.'
  22. 'Our complacence over sexual abuse took a battering when Mira Nair's ‘Monsoon Wedding’ won the 2002 Venice Golden Lion.'
  23. 'Tech and telecom stocks took a battering yesterday as the FTSE - 100 Index closed nearly 80 points down.'
  24. 'The panel took a battering with players out of the country during the league campaign but, so far, everyone has shown strongly in the bid to land a third IFC in ten years.'
  25. 'Heworth's push for promotion took a battering as National Conference League division two leaders Hunslet Warriors gave a great second half show to beat them 46-0.'
  26. 'In July, the police response to incidents took a battering.'
  27. 'Blackpool's play-off hopes took a battering in a miserable midweek defeat at Bloomfield Road.'
  28. 'Hong Kong-listed mainland car stocks took a battering yesterday as investors reacted negatively to reports that mainland car owners had defaulted on billions of yuan worth of loans last year.'
  29. 'But those hopes took a battering whenever Dwyer's name popped up.'
  30. 'But its shares took a battering because rail was seen as something of a saviour at a time when other parts of the business were enduring tough trading conditions.'


A gradual backwards slope in a wall or similar structure.
  1. 'It must be set on a compacted stone base and each layer is connected to the next by clips that automatically give each wall the proper batter.'
  2. 'They can be constructed of single or multiple depths of block and the maximum wall height of a single depth wall is directly proportional to its weight, width, batter, soil condition, and site geometry.'


(of a wall) have a receding slope.
  1. 'It becomes easier with height as the wall batters in, and the gap between the face of the wall and the corner of the pillar increases.'

More definitions

1. to beat persistently or hard; pound repeatedly.

2. to damage by beating or hard usage: Rough roads had battered the car. High winds were battering the coast. verb (used without object)

3. to deal heavy, repeated blows; pound steadily: continuing to batter at the front door. noun

4. Printing. a damaged area on the face of type or plate. the resulting defect in print.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be batter."


(batter)Mid 16th century (as a verb): of unknown origin.