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A room containing a bath or shower and typically also a washbasin and a toilet.
  1. 'The bathroom includes a bath with wood surround as well as a period-style hand basin.'
  2. 'Before he came over, she went into her bathroom to find the toilet seat up and the roll of toilet paper left in a state.'
  3. 'Bedrooms will be built in pairs with bathrooms between each room.'
  4. 'At the rear are the marble bathrooms with their free-standing baths and the added bonus of underfloor heating.'
  5. 'The first double bedroom has a timber floor and en suite bathroom with corner bath.'
  6. 'Wondering where Brett was but not overly worried about it, Sera went to draw a bath in the luxurious bathroom.'
  7. 'The journey from after dinner play up to the bathroom and into the bath is getting rough.'
  8. 'The bathroom has a bath, a toilet and a hand basin and is plumbed for a washing machine.'
  9. 'The main bathroom has a bath with separate shower cubicle and a polished wooden floor.'
  10. 'The house has two studies, a library, a 15 ft kitchen, dining room, family room, sitting room, drawing room and two bathrooms.'
  11. 'The property had been refurbished, but was sold as a shell without kitchen, bathrooms or any decoration.'
  12. 'These prices include fitted kitchens and bathrooms.'
  13. 'Prices include a snowmobile as standard, and buyers can opt for fitted kitchens, bathrooms and general furnishings at additional cost.'
  14. 'Jamie stood outside the door of one of the public bathrooms, his stomach in knots.'
  15. 'Segregated public bathrooms threaten people's safety, job security and access to education.'
  16. 'The bathroom was a chemical loo in a tiny separate tent or, Aaron bashfully suggested, the great outdoors.'
  17. 'The school's bathroom facilities also received a new coat of paint at the same time.'
  18. 'It contained a variety of rides for kids of all ages, with plenty for snack foods, drinks and conveniently located bathrooms.'
  19. 'They also have generous bathroom facilities that they allow one to use in emergencies.'
  20. 'Meanwhile, the long awaited public bathrooms are yet to open.'
  21. 'Glad that she made a good excuse, she walked off towards the ladies bathroom to regain her composure.'
  22. 'He made his way through all of them, the break room, the supply closet, even the bathrooms before he entered the large office at the front of the building.'
  23. 'I went to the bathroom once, then came back into my room and waited some more.'

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1. a room equipped for taking a bath or shower.

2. toilet (def 2). Idioms

3. go to / use the bathroom, to use the toilet; urinate or defecate.

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