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A large container for water, used for immersing and washing the body.
  1. 'he lay in the bath'
  2. 'I sagged back in the bath and took a breath, hearing water dripping in the silence, a mist rising from the surface into the freezing air.'
  3. 'I stripped off and got in the bath, laid back and let the water begin its magic of revivifying me.'
  4. 'He enjoys being in the bath as he likes water and tends to splash a lot.'
  5. 'Six to eight drops of Eucalyptus oil in the bath cools the body in summer and protects in winter.'
  6. 'The Body Wash works just as well in the bath or shower.'
  7. '‘All I want to do now is go home and lay in the bath for a week,’ he said.'
  8. 'Downstairs, there is even a jacuzzi in the bath and a sauna.'
  9. 'She must have fallen asleep in the bath, because the next thing she knew, the water was cold and the room was empty.'
  10. 'At twenty-five past six I turned on the hot water in the bath, and covertly swallowed a small glass of brandy.'
  11. 'She put the stopper in the bath and began to fill it with lukewarm water.'
  12. 'I finished my bath just as the doorbell rang.'
  13. 'The crisis was so grave that no baths were allowed and toilets were only flushed when essential.'
  14. 'Go home, have a bath and wash your hair.'
  15. 'I got to go to a nice clean toilet, have a bath, get fed properly and that sort of stuff.'
  16. 'Still confused from the concussion, Jake really wants to take a bath.'
  17. 'Some women were taking baths in the hot springs, laughing and playing.'
  18. 'There is a library, a kitchen if you want to help with dinner, a bathroom for taking baths, and a couple of bedrooms if you want to take a quick rest.'
  19. 'Elizabeth, after finishing her bath, continued to dress.'
  20. 'Get a manicure, do some yoga, or enjoy a luscious aromatherapy bath.'
  21. 'Start to relax an hour before bedtime with a hot bath or your favorite music.'
  22. 'he told them to meet him at the baths'
  23. 'With regard to the cost cutting, job losses and closures of public baths by City of York Council, has anyone put two and two together and realised why they are having to save money?'
  24. 'From the Greco-Roman town there are many public buildings, including seven gymnasia, administrative buildings, baths, and the agora.'
  25. 'Pensioners in Bradford may be able to enjoy free swimming facilities at Corporation baths soon.'
  26. 'People flocked to the baths and open-air swimming pools, and at the Lido in Bradford's Lister Park the attendance was 2,871.'
  27. 'Admission to the baths and swimming pool for adults is 8,000 won and for children, 7,000 won'
  28. 'There were three pools in Silchester Road public baths and wash-house.'
  29. 'Consider the decline and fall of the Romans, who considered hygiene so important that they subsidized the construction of magnificent public baths where men and women washed together.'
  30. 'Comparatively little is known of the colonia, but there were large public buildings, including baths, and private buildings with mosaics, attesting to prosperity of a provincial capital.'
  31. 'The public baths, with their pool, were comparatively modest for so important a town.'
  32. 'The first public baths, built by the Romans, is now a pile of rubble in a rundown district on the Danube's west bank.'
  33. 'people are spending more money on their kitchen and bath'
  34. 'A Miami housing tour, education sessions, and exhibitions highlight the best in luxury kitchens and baths.'
  35. 'The apartments themselves were nice and homey, consisting of two bedrooms, two baths, a kitchen and living/dining area.'
  36. 'Buyers are drawn by their locations, their detailing, or their affordability - and turned off by their modest kitchens, baths, and master suites.'
  37. 'There also are 32 pavilion suites for trainers with living rooms, kitchens, and private baths.'
  38. 'With the types of wood and finishes available, a wood floor can be put in virtually any room in your house-even kitchens, baths, and utility rooms.'
  39. 'Our party space was maybe 550 square feet - which included the kitchen and a half bath.'
  40. 'Use bath and kitchen fans sparingly when the air conditioner is operating to avoid pulling warm, moist air into your home.'
  41. 'It was huge, ten bedrooms, three baths, a huge kitchen, elegant dining room, it was the home little girls dreamed of, or at least the ones that she grew up with.'
  42. 'The main difference was one had a half bath, kind of bathroom which neither one of us liked, but a much nicer cabinet layout in the kitchen.'
  43. 'Then came the downstairs bath and kitchen remodel, for which Raquel agonized over everything from faucets to light switch plates.'
  44. 'Leaves were mounted on a Perspex holder with their lower edge touching a reservoir of dilute nutrient solution that also contained the reference bath electrode.'
  45. 'After processing in this bath, the film is clear where the developed silver was and white where the remaining silver halide is.'
  46. 'Great care should be practiced to prevent the potential hazard of accumulating liquid oxygen in the liquid nitrogen bath.'


Wash (someone) while immersing them in a bath.
  1. 'His wife Angela was upstairs bathing the children at their home.'
  2. 'He and the father had known each other all their lives and he had helped to care for her, giving her lifts, washing her hair and later on, bathing her.'
  3. 'Afterwards it was lovely because she came and did the ironing and cooked us dinner and helped bath the boys.'
  4. 'I would come home from school, feed her, bath her and put her to bed before doing my homework.'
  5. 'I have to bath my children twice a day, give them antibiotics and put ointment on the wounds.'
  6. 'Decide on a bedtime routine - such as feed your baby, bath her, then settle her in bed.'
  7. 'I went to parenting classes and learnt how to bath a baby and how to change its nappy, but I never really thought about what happened after the baby came out and was placed on my belly for me to gaze at adoringly.'
  8. 'The boys were staying for the evening whilst Grandma and Ana went back to the hospital and they insisted on helping out with bathing him.'
  9. 'She told me that she needed to get one too and wanted to know if I could bath her before I took mine.'
  10. 'He cleaned the cat's litter box and bathed the dog.'
  11. 'While I'm bathing Jessica for bed, Lee is downstairs reading Hannah a story before her bedtime half-an-hour later.'
  12. 'A man who obviously could not afford water to bath in was a true peasant indeed.'
  13. 'A story is still told fondly by elders in the regions of how in those days people used to bath in milk in the rainy season.'
  14. 'I can't wait to bath here, I thought to myself as I slowly followed the lazy creek.'
  15. 'They are very popular among the women as they love to bath with it and same goes with the children too.'
  16. 'She remembered her father use to tease her about washing her skin away, and how he would bath once a month, using her dirty water and taking only ten minutes at most.'
  17. 'At that spot, the spring widened and deepened into a pool just big enough for a person to bath in.'
  18. 'Some unfortunates did, of course, have to bath for reasons of health.'
  19. 'Normally, my chief though was to bath quickly and leave.'
  20. 'At home I had to develop strategies to do everything: to get up in the morning, to bath, to shower, to dress.'
  21. 'And at times, they mistake the glitter of the metal for water in which to bath.'

proper noun

A city in SW England; population 81,600 (est. 2009). Bath was founded by the Romans, who called it Aquae Sulis, and was a fashionable spa in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

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    1. a washing or immersion of something, especially the body, in water, steam, etc., as for cleansing or medical treatment: I take a bath every day. Give the dog a bath.

    2. a quantity of water or other liquid used for this purpose: running a bath.

    3. a container for water or other cleansing liquid, as a bathtub.

    4. a room equipped for bathing; bathroom: The house has two baths.

    5. a building contain

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    "works can be bath."

    "wells can be bath."

    "cats can be bath."


    (bath)Old English bæth, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch bad and German Bad.


    an early bath
    take a bath